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Furme, also known as Taylee, is a traditional furry artist who lives in St. Augustine, Florida, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

As a youngster, Furme loved anything to do with animals. She received many plushies for her birthdays and would watch movies like The Lion King and Balto over and over again. As she grew older, her fascination only grew. She would read any book with an animal on it and would try to learn as many facts about those animals as possible.

The fursuiter[edit]

During a Halloween downtown trick or treat, when Furme was around ten years old, she met her first fursuiter. It was a realistic white wolf partial that had a moving jaw. This sparked her interest in fursuits.


Furme believed that she was a wolf for as long as she could remember. She would howl, bark, and growl and remember things from a different life. This made her look up "People who believe they are animals" on the internet. She looked at the webpage and it described exactly what she had believed her entire life. The page also mentioned furries, so she checked the term out. Learning about the fandom, she became quite interested in it and was curious about joining until she read about yiffing. This turned her off of the fandom for a while, but, as she continued to look up therianthropy, more furry material came up and she finally decided to check out furries on Youtube.

Majira and Youtube[edit]

The first thing Furme found on YouTube was Majira Strawberry's newest (at the time) video. Falling in love with Majira's videos, she binge-watched them and found out the truth about the fandom. Soon afterward she decided to join it herself.


Furme has five fursonas:

  • Furme, her main fursona. She represents her as a whole and is an anthropomorphic wolf.[1]
  • Artifex, a hybrid. They represent Furme's artistic side.
  • Nova, a domestic cat who represents nerdiness.
  • Vixi, Furme's theriotype. She is a white wolf.
  • Alex, a unicorn who represents Furme's queer sexuality.


Techimals are a closed cyborg furry species created by Furme. They are the main species in the up and coming graphic novel Conscious.


In 2345, World War III starts. To defeat the enemy, the United Earth decides to create creatures to ad them in battle. Those creatures were is first Techimals. It is now 2395, and Techimals are used for a variety of things: pets, servants, test subjects, entertainment, miliary, transportation, etc. Techimals have pretty much taken over the work force.


  • No reproductive system (agender)
  • No excretory system (doesn't urinate or defecate)
  • No digestive system (doen't eat) (gets power via charging)
  • Cyborg
  • Feral or anthro body types
  • Forked tongue
  • Raptor claws on feet
  • Opposable thumbs if anthro
  • Created via genetics and technologics by humans
  • Horns can be on any part of the body
  • Can have up to 3 tails (or none at all)
  • Have eyes (set of two)
  • Can be any size
  • Can have wings (bat or bird)
  • Covered in fur
  • Has paws
  • Digitgrade legs


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