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Furmania Logo

Furmania is a now defunct furry clothing and accessory business based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom. It is run by Sara the Snow Leopard and her partner Ruffy the Husky.

The idea for Furmania occurred after Ruffy bought a furry-based T-shirt from America. After waiting about 2-3 weeks for it to arrive, and then having to pay about £30 in import charges, Sara and Ruffy decided to make their own furry clothing company. They thought this would be viable based on the size of the furry community in the United Kingdom.

Furmania allows an individual to send in a picture of their fursona (or other design), which can be printed onto a T-shirt or hoodie. Depending on when the order arrives, it can be dispatched the same day.


Sara and Ruffy investigated ways of printing designs on clothing. Screen printing was out as it is normally used for multiple copies of one design, and sublimation got ruled out as it can only be used on certain materials and can only really be used on light-coloured fabric.

After a lot of research, Sara and Ruffy decided to invest £5000 on equipment, which included a top of the line OKI printer. This gave them the ability to print with white ink, and means they can print any fursona or design on to a T-shirt of hoodie.

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