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Furlife is a web ring for websites that deal with the furry lifestyle. The ring describes itself as:

A Webring dedicated to those who adhere to the ideals of the Usenet newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry. To quote from the group's FAQ, we "relate strongly to furries in a way that impacts [our] personalities and or way of life." This relationship includes, but is not limited to: totem animals, plushophilia, zoophilia, toonophilia, and the sheer enjoyment of the company of animals. [1] [2]

The ring was originally created by WebKitty (later known as KuroNeko) in November 1997. Others have since managed the ring; it is managed by David Cooke as of 2001.

Logos for the ring were submitted by the members of the newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry.

The webring has 26 member sites as of August 2008.[1]


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