Furious Furry Furries of Fury

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The KOL Furry Tattoo

The Furious Furry Furries of Fury (also known as 4F) is by far one of the largest furry clans within Kingdom of Loathing, a tongue in cheek MMORPG which pokes fun at its more serious, commercial siblings like EverQuest and Warcraft, and the many fandoms that populate them (LARPers, Anime Otaku, AD&D fanboys, Trekkers - and, of course, Furries).

Lead by furry artist Trickster (under the "Clan Matriarch" title,) this particular KOL clan is identified by its "furry" related group paraphernalia, including the "Wolf Mask", the "Furry Pants", the "Furry Fur" vest, the deadly "Disturbing Fanfic", and the requirement for all members to wear the large "L" tattooed on their forehead. Such image (shown at right, and officially the KOL "furry" tattoo image,) was adopted by 4F as their unofficial emblem.

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