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Furight Night was an annual Halloween-themed party with dancing, games, contests and more. Sarasota, Florida, USA.

The party was run solely by Fuchsia Possum since 2010, but as of August 2015, Furight Night started to develop a small staff. Metric Munk was the official Audio/Visual Director, Sugio was in charge of Laser Effects, and Ularewolf was Security.

The mascots of Furight Night were two domestic black cats; a male named Hal and a female named Eve.


Furight Night started in 2010, and used to be a small house party at the home of Fuchsia Possum and her boyfriend, Ularewolf. The party grew too big to continue at their home, and moved to Stardust Skate Center in 2013. For 2015, the party was located on very spacious private property.

The party usually took place on the second Saturday of every October, to avoid conflicting with other Florida Halloween events such as Furloween and Elliott's Fall Festival.

Furight Night 2014 was scheduled for October 11, 2014, but had to be cancelled due to low numbers of paid admissions.[1]

Furight Night 2015 took place 4PM 17 October-2:30AM 18 October[2] and had a total of 47 guests, the highest in attendance so far.

The 2016 event, intended to take place 4PM-2:30AM[3] was cancelled, in favour of an 11AM-4PM picnic on October 8 at the Ken Thompson Park, a previous furmeet venue.[4]

A 2017 event was marked as to take place on October 14 on WikiFur's convention map, however it is unclear whether it occurred. Fuchsia Possum stopped posting on Twitter in January 2017.


Basic admission to Furight Night is $15.[3] Posters can also be purchased for $5 per poster. There are many unique posters to choose from, and attendees are able to purchase more than one.

RSVPs are required to attend Furight Night, and the admission must be paid in advance through the RSVP page on the website.

After-event activities[edit]

The day after Furight Night 2015, for anyone who wants to stick around, attendees will meet up at the local Bob Evans restaurant located at 5903 Brookhill Blvd Sarasota, FL 34232 at 11:00AM just to hang out, eat and chat.

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