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Author(s) Bun Fluffpaws
Status Defunct
Slogan By the furs, Fur the furs.
Launch date May 2013 (dev. version), January 2014 (beta version), June 2015 (stable version)
End date June 1, 2022
Genre Social media community
Web NC-17

Furiffic was a furry art social media site driven by community feedback, with a high focus towards speed and usability. The site had 11,820 members[1] as of August 6, 2019.

The site announced in March 2022 that it would shut down its servers on June 1, 2022. The website went offline on that date as promised.


Furiffic had two mascots:[2]


  • Gallery folders (user managed/automatic based on supplied search term)
  • Multi submission uploaded
  • Personal view tracking over time per submission/account
  • Hide a search term site wide (Anti filter)
  • Blocking a user from being able to see your profile/contacting you
  • Subscribe to a search term
  • Subscribing to a user
  • Customizable site notifications
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Journals with short description for overview
  • Multiple methods of logging in/signing up, username/Facebook/Twitter/Google +
  • Group chat messaging
  • Real time messaging
  • High mobile support
  • Able to send media files through messaging system
  • Profile contact information, social networks/chat programs/payment details/etc...
  • Responsive/point of focus featured submission across profile header
  • Media and journal visibility (public, registered, private, unlisted)
  • Characters
  • Character tagging in media items
  • Tag suggesting
  • Character tag requesting (For semi private character tagging)
  • Pages
  • Page Type - Groups
  • Page Type - Events
  • Page Type - Places
  • Page Type - Shops
Notification type Support Date added
Subscriptions Site/Email V0.2 (29/Apr/14)
Journal Subscriptions Site/Email V0.4 (12/Jun/14)
Comments Site/Email V0.4 (12/Jun/14)
Favourites Site/Email V0.2 (29/Apr/14)
Subscribed Site/Email V0.4 (12/Jun/14)
Messages Site/Email V0.3.1 (1/Jun/14)
Receiving Posts Site/Email V0.5 (12/Feb/15)
Mentions Site/Email V0.6.5 (28/Dec/15)
System Site/Email(Non-optional) V0.6.5 (28/Dec/15)
Requests Site/Email V0.6.5 (28/Dec/15)
Page Posts Site/Email V0.7 (28/Mar/16)
Page Manage Notifications Site/Email V0.7 (28/Mar/16)


  • [Unnamed - 04/2013 - 06/2013] 1 virtual core, 25GB Storage, 1GB RAM, 100Mbit connection with 1TB Bandwidth
  • [Unnamed - 06/2013 - 02/2014] Amd athlon Dual core, 2GB RAM, 2x320GB drives in RAID1, 100MBit connection with 5TB Bandwidth
  • [Cookie - 02/2014 - Current[5]] Furiffic runs on a Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz with 32GB DDR3 RAM and 2x2TB drives in RAID 1.[citation needed] It has a 1GBit connection, with 30TB bandwidth.[citation needed]
  • [Minion-1 - 10/2015 - 01/2016] Samsung Exynos-5422 Octa-Core, 32GB MicroSD, 2GB LPDDR3, 1GBit connection with 10TB Bandwidth
  • [Cupcake - 07/2016 - Ongoing[6]] Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake @ 3.4GHz with 64GB DDR4 RAM AND 2x2TB drives in RAID 1. 1Gbit connection, with 30TB bandwidth
  • [Buttcake - 07/2016 - Ongoing[7]] 2 virtual cores, 100GB Storage, 4GB Ram, 1Gbit connection with 8TB Bandwidth


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  5. This server has been set to be decomissioned around 08/2016
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