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Furgot, a portmanteau of the words fur and faggot, is a term, according to the definition provided by Gabriel Gentile provided to the Furry Dictionary in September 2000, for:

(1) (noun) One who uses the fandom to parade about whatever perversion may tickle their fancy at the moment.

(2) (noun) One who claims to be furry, but doesn't really care about books, movies, etc. that feature animals as the main characters.

(3) (noun) Often, both of the above.[1]


The term was coined in the Burned Furs message board by Gabriel Gentile on July of that same year.

Alternate definition[edit]

Furgot, as a Furspeech term, is the furspeak counterpart to the English verb, forget; this definition, provided by Wanderer in October 2000, can also be found in the Furry Dictionary.[1]

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