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Furgeon is a flash game by Sanctioned13 that started development in mid 2016 and continues today, development is slow but ever ongoing with updates averaging once a month. The player takes the role of a prison inmate at the start of the game with no recollection of why they are currently in prison. They need to find a way out of the prison and to advance through the world.

Furgeon Menu

Furgeon is an adult text based game and should not be played by people under the age of 18 since it contains mature content.


Jail: The first area where the player wakes up

In the jail, there are currently 6 (7 if you count the starting area) areas to explore

  • The Entrance, one of the more event filled areas, give the player the option to talk to two NPC, Rillo, and Emory, Rillo give the player access to Gylan for a fee of 500 Sil, and speaking to Emory Give the player the option to "Creampie him" or "Offer Handjob?" the first option, "Creampie him", give the character a Sex Scene, and the second, "Offer Handjob", gives the player both a sex scene and an option for them to make money, or "Compensation", ranging from around 2 Sil, up to 30ish Sil.
  • Explore Around, is this locations combat area. Once selecting there are 7 random events that can take place. 3 are to fight one of the area's enemies, 2 involve the potential companion Ine, one is to gain him as your companion, and the second is after gaining him as your companion, you visit the spot were you found him, 1 where you find a condom with a random amount of Sil in it, and the last where you can hear, but not find, the sound of flesh smacking together.
  • The showers offer one of two things to happen. The first, and more common, is for the player to take a shower and come back rested, the second is for the player to cross paths with a Rino named Ortho, giving you the option to follow him to the locker rooms, giving you a Sex Scene.
  • The cafeteria is the first area to get a working mini game, black jack, and it also contains a future mini game called shiv toss, along with the NPC Perrix.
  • The Gym is an area with only one NPC in it named Stanton, there is currently nothing to do here other than look at the fist bit of bust art, even if incomplete, in the game, there will be more to do here in the future, but as of now there is sadly not much to do.
  • The only shop area in the jail, simply titled shop, which allows the player to buy an assortment of randomized items.
  • The jail starting area also give access to both the Desk, which gives you tips if you are just starting out, and the ability to talk to Mike, that once you reach level 3, gives you the ability to take him with you as a companion.

Gylan: A small little village filled with bunny like humanoid called Guieen the player travels to after they leave the jail.

Glyan currently has 4 different areas to explore

  • Stall, a shop, that gives you access to a shop, there is also a random event Sex Scene between the shop keep, Coleman, and a small Guieen boy, that after witnessing give the player the option to confront the shop keep about it, on top of that, the player can speck to Coleman, and begin to caress and grope him. After doing so the player can initiate on of two options, "Under Stall Handjob" or "Under Stall Sounding", each giving the player a Sex Scene.
  • Blacksmith, gives the player access to a shop, and 3 Sex Scenes (similar to the stall). The first Sex Scene is a random event one, caused just by going to the area, involving Reel and his Son Broxx. The other two are caused by talking to Reel and asking "Sex?". Two choices are given, "Handy" or "Ride Him", each initiating its own Sex Scene.
  • Explore Nearby, is this area's combat area. Once selecting there are __ different events that can take place. 3 for the different enemies, 1 where the player finds a small bundle containing between 2 Sil and around 10 Sil, 1 where the player stops and contemplates the Guieen, and 1 random event Sex Scene between a father and son Guieen pare.
  • Guarded Gateway, this area is just basically a checkpoint that goes from Gylan to Furris. In order to pass through it, the player need to be level 6.

Furris: A small village, slightly bigger than Gylan, run by a wolf like humanoid simply called the Furris, and yes, the Furris is the same name as the race because they don't like to wast anything, even names.

Hovva: A village of equine like humanoids.


There are various npcs through the game, most fall into two categories, merchant and non-merchant.

  • Rillo: Rillo is a large blue ox that the player needs to pay to leave the jail and to go onto the next location, Gylan.
  • Emory: A jackal is a security guard like Rillo.
  • Stanton: A large gorilla found in the gym portion of the jail, first character to get bust art.


  • Mike: Mike is the very first person you meet in the game, in the starting of the game Mike can be found jerking off near the bars of the cell you both share. Once you gain his attention you can either help him out orally or with a hand or simply ignore both and go to sleep. You can later get him as a companion if you are of a certain level.
  • Ine: Ine is a strange companion you can first acquire while wandering around the jail and when randomly finding him you can give him a coin in return he will help, or attempt to help the player in combat. Ine is unique when it comes to fighting, for the most part he's useless, only dealing a vary small amount of damage performing bites, however there is a small chance he'll transform into pure energy which comes in two forms that have very different effects. Black energy and he simply goes flying past the enemy and knocking himself out however when he turns into white energy he deals the largest damage in the game, however this is a very rare occurrence. Perhaps the major benefit is that Ine can be acquired at any level.
  • Broxx: A strong perma alpha Guieen who works as a blacksmith in his father's (Reel) forge, he has a special ability to stun an opponent for a turn but he can constantly deal heavy damage with his sledgehammer making him the strongest hitter companion in the game.
  • Cedar: A brown stallion in the stalls in Furris, not much to say about this one, the only way to acquire him is to service him, second strongest companion.
  • Hayemn: This scarecrow can be found in the maze at Hovva, he has a strange ability to cause great harm by showing the enemy...., something, certainly the creepiest yet sweetest companions in the game, he uses whatever he shows the enemy to terrify them which both causes damage and can potentially stun the enemy for a turn. His name is actually a combination of Hay and Golemn = Hayemn.
  • Chest Imp: Nothing more than a hindrance, can be obtained on a bad draw from the chest in the maze in Hovva, this nasty creature will whack you with a poisoned stick during fights dealing damage TO the player.
  •  ???: There is actually a hidden easter egg companion in the game that players can find if they know where to look.


There are various enemies throughout the game, each area having its own unique ones.


  • Toshiba-Gorilla: A gorilla with a light blue covering over it's face. Looks to be mechanical. Once defeated you are given the options to "*Fuck It*" or "Fuck It"
  • Cardew: Cardew is a massive snake humanoid found in the Jail, he has one of the strongest attacks in the game and is one of the first enemies to get a bust art. Once defeated you are given the options "Breed Him" or "Urethra Fuck"
  • Rat Man: A large rodent inmate that a medium strength enemy. Once defeated you are given the options "Get Handjob" or "Get Fisted"
  • Guard Dog: The lowest level enemy in the jail location. Once defeated you are given the options "Breed Mutt" or "Fist Canine"


  • Feral Wolf: A mediocre level wolf that has gone feral and attacks the player. Once defeated you're given the options "Cream Pie" Or "Frontage"
  • Drunk Bunny: An enemy on the slightly higher side of difficulty who seams to have had one to many drinks. Once defeted you're given the options "69" or "throat fuck"
  • Ferocious Bunny: By far the weakest enemy in the game, for he can be one shot by almost any attack. Once defeated you're given the options "Breed Hare" Or "Anal Vore"


Items: Items come in various forms and uses and can be gained by defeating enemies or by buying them from vendors. NOTE: Items can only be sold for half their value to the vendor.


  • Hatchet: Like a baby ax, smaller, more portable and really stings when struck in the head with it, +25 damage.:: Value:250
  • Mallet: A large hammer used to crush open nuts or to drive in nails, +15 damage.:: Value:175
  • Shiv: A small home made knife, well at least it'll do more damage then your fists, +5 damage.:: Value:55
  • Kunai: A tool originally meant to help with farming turned into deadly long ranged daggers, using kunais means you have a chance of throwing multiple kunais at a time depending on your luck but each throw consumes one kunai, if you run out you'll be left bare handed!:: 15sil*
  • Boom Stick: A stick that's been infused with an explossive magic seal, will randomy detonate dealing large damage but destroys its self in the process and causes original damage to the weilder, if you have more then one another boom stick will be automatically equipped after detonation!:: 150sil*
  • Bloodthirster: A blade forged in lakes of blood this strange sword granted the ability to potentially heal when they cause their enemy to bleed, +15 damage & chance to drain life.:: 15000sil*


  • Spell Book: Fireball: This book allows the reader to learn the spell "Fireball", which will cause great damage to an opponent. needs 25 Int to be learned!:: Value:500
  • Spell Book: Stun: This book allows the reader to learn the spell "Stun", which will stun an opponent in battle for a turn or more til it wears off!, Needs 35 Int to be learned!:: Value:750
  • Spell Book: Leech: This book allows the reader to learn the spell "Leech", which will cause damage to the enemy and give said damage to the player's hp. needs 55 Int to be learned!:: Value:1250
  • Spell Book: Hypnosis: This book allows the reader to learn the spell "Hypnosis", instead of attacking the player the enemy will instead harm them selves til the effect wears off. needs 55 Int to be learned!:: Value:1250
  • Spell Book: Poison: This book allows the reader to learn the spell "Poison", this will deal damage over time aslong as its effects aren't shaken off from the enemy. needs 55 Int to be learned!:: Value:750

Stat change

  • Book: Reading makes your mind grow, +5 Int.:: Value:250
  • Alpha Cream: The creamy seed of an Alpha Furris male, comsuming it will gain the drinker additional strength, +1 strength.:: Value:250
  • Genbend Potion: A swig of this odd potion will switch the drinker's gender to the opposite of what they are.:: Value:500
  • Enhancer Scroll: Allows the user to permanently enhance one aspect of themselves— (+10 Health, +10 Fatigue, +5 Intelligence, or +5 Strength)::5500
  • Species Dice: A strange magic dice, each face having the name of the creatures of the land, perhaps try rolling it?:: 750sil*

High Value/Reward

  • Large Prize: A massive bag of sil earned at the sparring ring, sell it to cash in the money.:: Value:10000
  • Small Prize: A small bag of sil earned at the sparring ring, sell it to cash in the money.:: Value:1000
  • Potatoe: It's a potatoe, it does potatoe things.:: Value:1000

Heath Restoration

  • Roulette Grape: A grape that will either give or take away a great portion of one's life.:: Value:25
  • Apple: A tasty little treat, will restore some health and fatigue when consumed, +25 hp.:: Value:5
  • Nut: A snack for those hungry for a different kind of nut, +25 hp.:: Value:5
  • Carrot: This a carrot, what a surprise!, +25 hp.:: Value:5
  • Lettuce: A tasty leaf, a common food for the Guieen, +25 hp.:: Value:5

Possible later use

  • Ectoplasm: A strange glowing goo, god knows what it does.:: Value:450
  • Hypno Sap: A sweet smelling purple substance, just a whiff and you feel your mind drift into ecstasy.:: Value:90
  • Salt Cube: A massive cube of pure salt, a great treat for equines.:: Value:45
  • Fur: Just a lock of fur, supposedly has magical properties.:: Value:25
  • Gylanic Rye : A very potent and very well liked rye created in Gylan, it has a potent smell and anyone who can drink this stuff would surely get drunk from just one sip!, should only be drank in small doses by only the most competent drinkers. : 35sil


  • Condom: Literally useless in this universe!, but it's the thought that counts.:: Value:5
  • Pornography: Dicks, dicks and more dicks on every single page.:: Value:15
  • Rabbit's Foot: Lucky, well not for the rabbit.:: Value:25

Note: Everything marked with a '*' was found in the shop, and not tested or bought. Feel free to change these when more proof has been given, the item has been purchased/obtained, and/or used.