Furgatory (VRChat)

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Rubber Dragon Labs
FurgatoryLogo.jpegFurgatory temporary Logo
Subject Furry, Nargacuga, Avatar, VRChat
Server VRChat.com
Operator(s) Nyinxie (Owner)
Bessa (Mod)
Aurenai (Mod)
DaddyCuga Runix (Mod)
Goret (Mod)
Witt Wittman (Mod)
Status Under development
Ran from/to Furgatory: 16/12/2020 - Present
A group picture infront of Furgatory's Tree

Furgatory, also known as Club Nargacrewga, is a VRChat world being developed by Nyinxie, a Veteran-ranked user. The world aims to become a large community hub in the style of a convention location, where people can come together and socialize or discover new avatars and communities. The world will include vendor booths with avatar and world displays as well as portals.

The Community[edit]

Furgatory's community is comprised mainly of Nargacuga enthusiasts who've discovered their affinity for the endearing monster from the game Monster Hunter: World.

A 3D modeler by the name Toastador created an anthropomorphic avatar version of the Nargacuga for VRChat and released it publicly in March 2020. This resulted in a massive group that banded together to form the Discord community Nargacrewga. Nargacrewga was originally created by PixelDee, and is now owned by Aurenai and Witt Wittman -- the Nargacrewga community in its early days was primarily a place to attend mini meetups and exchange textures and assets for the Nargacuga community.


In December 2020, Nyinxie had the idea to create an official world dedicated to the Nargacrewga community, and on December 16, 2020, they uploaded the base of Club Nargacrewga, later renamed to Furgatory. Shortly after the world's creation, an official Discord server was created to bring together moderators already associated with Nyinxie and Nargacrewga, as well as moderators from other furry VRChat Discord servers. The world is still mostly under development.

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