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The Furcadian Wrestling Federation® is a wrestling federation that was founded by BassMan and is currently undergoing an attempt at revival. FWF® is the oldest cyber-wrestling federation in the country. The FWF was purchased by Eric "Mean" Beane and Furcadian Championship Wrestling (FCW) on August 15, 2006. Eric and FCW ran FWF until November 14, 2007 when BassMan came out of retirement to help restore both FWF and FCW. The promotion has been on hiatus since May of 2008, however BassMan is currently working to revive the promotion as just the Furcadian Wrestling Federation since Eric "Mean" Beane retired.


FWF was originally founded as Furcadian Championship wrestling (long before the current FCW) on December 14th, 1999. On their 1st show they had 1 match where Dimrtius defeated BassMan the II in an "All-Terrain" match to become the first FCW (now FWF Furcadian World) Champion. This FCW was later re-named to FWF on March, 15th 2000 upon the purchase of SmackDown Hotel and Mason2000's Furcadia Wrestling Federation roster.


The largest attendance for any FWF show in history occurred on January 20th, 2000 with an attendance of 68 (back then Furcadia's capacity was near 400) at the first "Appeal Fur Sanity" supercard. The event began with a 16-man "All-Terrain" battle royal to determine the challenger for the then FCW Championship in that evening's main event. That match was won by Jesku, but he failed to win the FCW Championship from Hunter Yserisin. To this date 4 battle royal winners have won the belt in that main event while Jesku is still the only to have lost.

Bryce "Wild Child" Williams is still the least experienced wrestler to have won both the battle royal and the FWF Furcadian World Championship having debuted the night he won in 2001.

Fergie Vinage holds the record for most possessions of the FWF Furcadian World Championship belts with 14. Fergie also held the FWF All-Terrain title a record 10 times and is the only male wrestler to have held the FWF Women's Championship title having narrowly and infamously defeated La Feena with the illegal use of a barbed wire 2X4. Fergie Vinage and Greg Stevens concurrently hold the record for the longest-recorded match in FWF history; at FallOut in November of 2003, the two battled in an Iron Furre match that lasted 65 minutes.

Triple-S holds the record for shortest reign of the FWF Furcadian World Championship at 13 minutes, 3 seconds. He also has held more varied championship belts than any other wrestler having held the FWF All-Terrain, FWF Tag-team, Allegria, Vinca, FCW World, FCW Tag-team, FWF Universal, and FWF Furcadian World Championships.

La Feena is the only female to have held the FWF Furcadian World Championship having held it twice.


The following are a list of shows past and present for FWF.


To be decided*


FWF Blood is held Wednesdays at 5pm (US Central Time) in the dream of "All-Terrain Studios".

FCW Mutiny is held Tuesdays at the same time and dream.

All-Terrain Studios is loaded in the Furcadia map of Allegria Island.


FWF President and CEO: Vacant

Championship belts[edit]

The following are championship belts past and present in FWF:

Current titles[edit]

FWF World - title vacant

FWF Women's - title vacant

FWF Allegria - title vacant

FWF Tag-Team - title vacant

FWF Hardcore - title vacant

Suspended titles[edit]

FCW World: Carl Blackpaw (2012-????)

FCW No Holds Barred

FCW Vinca

FCW Tag-Team

Retired titles[edit]

FWF Universal

FCW Furcadia


FWF Andy Kauffman Memorial (Inter-Gender)

FWF King of the Beasts

FWF FurContinental

FWF All-Terrain

FWF Tailweight

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