Furcadian Championship Wrestling (2004-2007)

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Furcadian Championship Wrestling logo.jpg
A corner of FCW ring.

Furcadian Championship Wrestling (FCW) was a wrestling federation located in Allegria Island on Furcadia. At the end of 2007, it was announced FCW would be merging with FWF.[1]

FCW had two shows: Monday Night Mutiny, and FCW Thursday Night Thunder. It was founded in late 2004 by Purchase, and Eric "Mean" Bean.

FCW claimed to be non-competitive with regards to the Furcadian Wrestling Federation or any other wrestling federation in Furcadia.

FCW Super Saturday Night[edit]

FCW's Saturday Night show was a complement show to FCW's flagship show, Monday Night Mutiny. FCW Super Saturday Night was a weekly based show broadcasted on Saturdays in Allegria Island. Its GM was Taylor Blackpaw (Private Taylor Motto). People wanting to be hired for a roster would contact Purchase, Taylor Blackpaw, or Eric "Mean" Beane.

Monday Night Mutiny[edit]

FCW's flagship show was Monday Night Mutiny. It was also a weekly based show which is aired on Mondays at 5pm FST at Allegria Island. Its general manager, Eric "Mean" Beane, is a former AWA (Allegria Wrestling Association) World Champion, AWA Tag Team Champion, AWA Undisputed Champion, the current (?) NWW Champion, and he is (?) the new owner of the FWF (Furcadian Wrestling Federation). Monday Night Mutiny was hiring at the EJ Inc. dream. FCW MNM contacts were Purchase, Blackrose24, or Eric "Mean" Beane.


  1. FCW Group Closing - A-T-E Replacing!. December 21, 2007 post by Eric "Mean" Beane to FCW Yahoo Group. "This is Eric "Mean" Beane with FCW's Yahoo Group, and I am informing you that FCW's Yahoo Group will be Closed in the coming weeks as we merge with the FWF."

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