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Furbuntu logo
OS familyGNU/Linux
Source modelFree Software / Open Source
LicenseGNU GPL, and other licenses
FounderTheyain Riyu
Ran from/toEarly 2008 - ?
UI used withGNOME

Furbuntu is a project that begun in February 2008 by Theyain Riyu to create a furry-oriented theme for the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

CreatureSystem or CreatureS is a Furry-orientated Linux-bases Operating system. and the new name of Furbuntu. It was started as a derivative of Ubuntu Linux, but on the 26th of April, 2008 it was announced[1] that the OS will not be based on any of the existing distributions, and so the name was changed to CreatureS. Besides a furry theme the system is expected to have furry-specific programs, some of which will be made by the team. No alpha versions of the OS or its components were ever released.


Originally it began as a project to create an entire Ubuntu-based furry-oriented Linux distribution, but was instead narrowed down to creating a furry-based theme for Ubuntu[1]; furthermore, Furbuntu was repositioned as a sub-project of CreatureS, or CreatureSystems, which is deemed as a genre of desktop operating systems tailored to the furry fandom and subcultures.


First Place winner of the Furbuntu Contest, by DavidStrife

In mid-February of 2008, a contest was held by Theyain for wallpapers, icons, and music. The first and second place winners of each category could end up having their work shown in the release of Furbuntu, while two overall winners would be choosen for first and second place.

The first place winner would win USD$200 and second place would win USD$50. As a requirement to enter the contest, all works were put under a Creative Commons license[2].

On May 15, 2008 winners were announced, first place going to DavidStrife, while second place went to Tsubasa. No future contests are planned in the near future .

Current state[edit]

A series of IRC meetings were called to both bring the project back to life and to work out issues with certain ideas for the theme[3][4][5]. The process appeared to have stalled as of 2009, but on the 18th of February 2010 it was announced[6] that the project is alive and that discussions are still taking place.


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