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Furbraskon was a proposed furry convention which was intended to take place in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A.[1]A January 2013 Twitter post stated it was to take place in April 2014.[2] Furbraskon was "an affiliate of" Furbraska and was "the child of a local, unofficial, group of furries and furry-supporters in the state of Nebraska, Furbraska".[3] They have since relocated their group to the Furbraska group on Facebook during the restructuring of the group.

As of early December 2013, the most recent posting to Furbraskon on Facebook was from May 1 (2013): "I know we've been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks, but things will be getting a little louder as the weather warms up and we get into gear!"[4] The proposed month of the convention (April 2014) came and went with no further activity on the event's Facebook or Twitter accounts, and the convention was presumed cancelled. In the early part of 2014 there was a major reorganization of the group leadership, where the former director stepped down, and turned control of the group over to the new leadership. Due to that radical change all convention plans were placed on hold as the group was reorganized.


As of February, 2015, the Board of Directors and Chairpersons for the convention and non-profit organization were:[citation needed]

  • Chris Edney (Cayne) - Co-Directior
  • Jared Sloger (Aokineko) - Co-director
  • Robbie Osterman - Secretary

Former staff[edit]


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