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Furbid Horrors is a LiveJournal community along the same lines as VCL Horrors, but under the administration of Ravell and thus not affiliated with the various other "Horrors" communities. The purpose of Furbid Horrors is the mockery of auctions listed on FurBid, the online furry auction house. Most commonly featured are poorly made or overpriced fursuits or furry art, although the administration has an openly admitted overt dislike of plushophilia and thus features most auctions for modified, yiffable plushies.

Furbid Horrors began as an aside started by Korrok in the LiveJournal community Furry LJ Drama (which was eventually suspended). After several features, Kelpie Dingo - owner of Furry LJ Drama at the time - set up the separate community. It remained under the moderation of Kelpie Dingo, Padfoot, and Korrok until Korrok's suspension from LiveJournal in February 2006. She was replaced by her fiancé Ravell, and thus still has control over the community. In March of 2006 Banrai was added as a moderator. During 2006 Padfoot dropped out of the community and Kelpie Dingo was removed as moderator after parting ways with Korrok and Ravell.

Auctions are featured along with a short piece of humourous commentary. Although several of its members have been featured, there are also people who have become extremely offended at their inclusion. The Administaur of FurBid-SF has publicly expressed her disapproval of the community on its forums.

The community is mainly populated by furry artists and fursuit makers.

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