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Furspeech, also known as Furspeak, is a furry fandom originated constructed language.


Furry writer Wanderer submitted the term "Furspeech" ("The not-altogether-serious alteration of words into equivalents referring to the furry culture"), to the Furry Dictionary on October 7, 2000, with the example term "refurring" ("referring").[1]


Furspeech, as any other planned language, originated around the premise of the intentional rewording or rendition of basic, natural common words; In this case, subverting ordinary established words and sentences into its furry culture equivalents by substituting key vowels and syllables.

Some examples include:

  • Fursona - "Persona"
  • Somefur - "Someone"
  • Befure - "Before"
  • Purrfect - "Perfect"
  • Furplay - "Foreplay"
  • Purrson (also know as Furson) - "Person"

It can also rephrase human events for comparable animal ones, such as referring to a birthday as whelpday ("whelping", the birthing of carnivorous mammals), or adapting correspondent Human paraphernalia or behavioral terms to accommodate animal biology, e.g. a handkerchief becomes a pawkerchief, and holding one's head in one's hands becomes the far shorter facepaw.


Certain furspeech words can be found in other natural languages as well:

  • Chinese:
  • German:
    • "Pfoto" (from Pfote [paw] + Foto [photo])
    • "Tatztatur" (from Tatze [paw] + Tastatur [keyboard])
  • Russian:
    • фурятник / Furyatnik (from фурри [furry] + курятник / kuryatnik [henhouse])
    • замяучательно / Zamyaučatel'no (from замечательно/zamečatel'no [excellent] + мяу / myau [meow])
    • спасимба / spasimba (from спасибо / spasibo [thank you] + Симба [Simba])
  • Slovak
    • Packy (from pa (bye) + packa (paw))

And even in some other constructed languages:

  • Esperanto:
    • Felsono (from felo [furry, in meaning the idea] + persono [person])


  1. Furry Dictionary maintained by Cloudchaser Shaconage. Retrieved June 14, 2007.

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