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Author(s) Admin: Winter
  • Moderators: Shade_Damascus, Guy, Silver, Nora
Status offline
Launch date October 3, 2010
Genre Furry Forum
13+ General Forum, 18+ Mature Areas

Furango.net is a furry forum created and founded by Rin on October 3, 2010. It is a site that centers around the basis of being a haven for furries. Mainly focusing on general chat, art discussion, and role-play; Furango offers a variety of features. Recently, Winter has been given control of the site, as Rin needed to step down to move on with life.


  • Winter


  • Guy
  • Shade_Damascus
  • Silver
  • Nora


Furango.net ran the First Annual Furango.net Photo Contest. Users could win a $25 commission from an artist of their choice on Fur Affinity. Visit the Forum at [1] for more information.

Run Date: Nov 1st 2010 - Jan 1st 2011


The name Furango was coined by Rin, who originally intended to name it Murango. With influences from his founding team of moderators, Furango was conceived. "Fur and Go".

The logo of the upper section of the webpage features a raccoon, a lion, a wolf, and a dragon s which resembles the forum leaders' fursonas.