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Fur the 'More 2016 was the fourth iteration of the Fur the 'More convention. It took place over April 8-10, 2016,[1] at the Sheraton Premiere hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia.[2]

The convention's theme was "Cubicle Jungle".[3] The Guest of Honor was Midori,[3] whilst the Attendee Special Guest was Vhiro and the Musical Guests were Matthew Ebel and Bears Doing Murder.[4]

Fur the 'More 2016 saw 990 attendees,[5] and $5,001 was raised for the convention's charity, Frisky's Wildlife Sanctuary.[6] There were over 300 fursuiters in attendance (the staff run out of fursuit tags), including 220 who took part in the fursuit parade.[5]


The staff of Fur the 'More 2016 included:


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