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Fur the 'More (edit)
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Fur the 'More 2013 was the first Fur the 'More convention. It was held over April 5-7, 2013, in the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, approximately 17 miles north of downtown.

The convention's theme was "Time Traveler's Party", and the guests of honor were Clockwork Creature Studio,[1] SolidAsp (artist guest of honor),[2] and Look Left (musicial guest of honor).[3]

The attendance for Fur the 'More 2013 amounted to 473[4] attendees (and at least 94 fursuiters),[5] a number that "surprised, thrilled, and honored" the Fur the 'More staff.[6] $2181.25 was raised for Frisky's Wildlife & Primate Sanctuary between the Charity Auction, events, and donations.[7] Pre-registration broke 200, including the staff which purchased their own badges for the first year in order to help Fur the 'More in its first year.

The Attendee Guest of Honor raffle, a perk of purchasing a Big Cheese or Raven God attendance level, was revamped from a drawing at opening ceremonies to one at closing ceremonies, so the winner of the raffle can enjoy all the perks and privileges of a Guest of Honor for the next year instead of it being only an honorary title. These perks include free attendance, admission to the Guest of Honor dinner, name in the convention book, and more. Out of the three Raven Gods and three Big Cheeses, the Big Cheese Kirby won the spot of 2014's Attendee Guest of Honor.[8] The one for 2015 will be selected at the closing ceremonies of Fur the 'More's second year.


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