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Furry fan, also known as a Furfan or Fur fan, is often used synonymously with furry as a general term for a member of the furry fandom. Not to be confused with the often demeaning version of the term, Furry fanboy.


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Furry fans could also be:

  • The person who likes furry characters in art, fiction and games, but does not consider the fandom to be a significant part of his/her life. in this context, they may not have a fursona, or may use it only as an avatar or role-playing proxy.
  • The person that may enjoy watching fursuits, but would not be inclined to build or buy their own.
  • The person that may attend conventions, although they may be primarily interested in the dealer's room or the art show.


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A person may choose to identify as a furry fan instead of a furry for various reasons, including:

  • The person is a newcomer and isn't ready for deeper immersion into the community.
  • The person's main interest lies in stories and art with furry characters, not in the fan community surrounding these works.
  • The person's main interest is in talking animals, beast races, animal fiction or some other sub-genre perceived as distinct from furry.
  • The person considers his/her interest to be significantly less intense than that of people who identify as furries.
  • A desire to avoid negative stereotypes.

A respect for the English language: as 'furry' is an adjective, and its appropriation as a noun already applies to anthropomorphic fictional characters, using it to refer to humans who are fans of these characters is a source of confusion and unnecessary ambiguity.[clarify]

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