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The furry code is a string of characters similar in structure to the Geek Code.


Released in June 1996, it was originally used as a Usenet shorthand of a person's furry characteristics, but can also been seen in other places, such as online blogs, websites, and appended to emails.

Many of the original characteristics, such as the DOOM modifier, show the age of the code, and the code has not been significantly updated since 1998.


Other furry-related fan groups have codes (also refered to as FC), such as the Affinity code, Dragon Code, TLK Code, Vore Code and Plush Code. There is also a code about sexual aspects of a furry called the Yiff code.


FG[Kai norn]2admr A C>++ D H+ M++ P R+ T W- Z- Sf+ RLCT a23 cnl++++$ d++ e++ f h+ iwf++ j- p- sm+

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