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Fur Will Fly is the first webcomic written by Brian Daniel. It has been drawn by various artists over time, including Isabel Marks (of Namir Deiter) and Daniel, though currently drawn by Kev Beeley and Redkam. The original artist was Cami Woodruff. It features the life of Brad, the family of furries who take him in, and their rampant misadventures.

Main characters[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Brad is the focus of the comic at the very beginning. A human, he was fired from his job at Tim Hortons for a dozen burnt bagels, and his girlfriend, Donna, dumps him for a guy named Maguire. After a series of bizarre events involving a transdimensional portal, he finds himself in a new world, full of super-evolved animals, with no humans anywhere in sight. He becomes infected by a werewolf after taking a short walk one night, and soon finds that he can, to an extent, control it. Brad takes an instant interest in Page from the day they meet, which, while not romantic at first, soon blossoms into much more than either could have hoped.
Stewart is the classic klutz. Not only is he a very timid individual, but if there's something to trip over, he'll trip over it. He works at the lab where the interdimensional portal was created, and feels that his credentials are more than enough to take the head of it, though he never gets there. Stewart is a ground squirrel, and gets married to Tammy not too long after Brad's arrival.
Tammy is Stewart's sweetheart, and is fiercely jealous of anyone that he might find attractive (for example, Roxy, the pizza delivery girl). Tammy's previous romance went South, and she had raised her daughter, Violet, on her own, with occasional help from Stewart until their feelings for one another finally connected and they became a sort of family.
Natalie Calico
Natalie is a catnip-addicted cat hailing from a large family who disowned her after telling them of her sexual orientation. She works at the very same lab as Stewart and Selina. As a lesbian, she often finds that she's searching in vain for companionship, striking out with nearly everyone she meets, including Selina, herself. Until she meets Roxy, that is, getting together just in time to save the girl from a berating by an angry Tammy. When her workplace bans all forms of smoking, she nearly loses her mind in a desperate bid to quell her withdrawals. She owns dozens of pet cat's, which slightly unsettles Brad, because Natalie is a cat herself.
Page is a rather antisocial mouse who Brad takes an instant interest in. Her biggest ambition is to become a great writer, and her first novel, arguably inspired by her relationship with Brad, is what she considers to be her baby, hugging the book so much that nobody else gets a chance to read it. Brad eventually opens her private cabinet, finding Star Wars memorabilia and exposing her love for the science fiction film that was so stigmatized by her peers long ago.
The young, hyper byproduct of Tammy's college romance, Violet is the single most childish of any character in the comic aside from Brad. She has no concept of how Brad is different, but rather becomes great friends with him, taking after him, much to the dismay of her parents.
Another unfortunate individual who found himself pulled out of his home universe and into this one, Kevin hails from a world ruled by extremely hairy humanoids - basically, Yetis. Kevin was Brad's cellmate when he was captured by The Agency, and went with him after Brad staged a jailbreak. He seemed to fall in love at first sight with Selina, which was not reciprocated... for a while. Kevin originally came from the Yeti universe's version of Canada. Being a Yeti, any pictures of him will turn out fuzzy and indistinct.
Selina is the new head of the development team at the labs for the dimensional portal project, after the last project head quit. Natalie instantly became infatuated with her, but Selina was oblivious until finally a drunken Natalie kisses her. She very gently lets her know that she doesn't feel that way about people of the same sex, and life went on, until Kevin's arrival. Unlike Natalie, Selina takes a liking to Kevin, and the two become a pair.


Fur Will Fly had a minor crossover with Namir Deiter during the period Isabel Marks was the artist.

Fur Will Fly's ending[edit]

Having decided when Fur Will Fly will cease to continue back when Cami Woodruff was the artist, Brian in 2007 notified his fans of the coming end above one of the usual comics.[1] He also revealed that he would make a spin-off of one of Fur Will Fly's characters, Violet, which has since[when?] been published as Coming Up Violet.


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