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Fur Visions was a furry fanzine edited by Karl Maurer and published by Fauxpaw Publications.

Fur Visions featured stories and art in a "G to Soft R" range of ratings; some of the art pushed the "Soft R" side, although the stories tended to fall in the middle of the range. One issue per year was designated the "clean" issue, keeping all stories and art at the "G" level.

For most of its history, the 'zine was published roughly quarterly, release dates corresponding to certain conventions (for instance, the summer issue usually came out at Anthrocon, and the winter issue at Further Confusion). The first issue was released in 1996, at ConFurence 7. The quarterly schedule was maintained through issue #32, in September 2004, at which point Karl Maurer had to put his publications on hiatus due to employment issues.

Issue #33 was released at Conifur Northwest 2005 and there have been no further issues as Fauxpaw Publications has gone out of business as of December 31st, 2006 according to the website.


Issue 8 (Volume 1, 1998) of Fur Visions was published with a cover price of US $5.00 and is marked for mature audiences. It is 46 black and white pages, spiral-bound in card covers, and contains artwork by Po Shan Cheah, Foxy!, Edward Gould, Zephrey Hughes, Summer Jackson, Mathew McAndrews, Brian McPherson, Jay Naylor, Roy D. Pounds II, and Peter Torkelson. There are two stories: by "Transmission" by David McGrath and "The Fruits of Evil Labours" part 1 by Karl F. Meyers. Issue 8's first printing was 90 copies.[1]


The Fur Visions website, which included information on past issues, was located at http://www.fauxpaw.com/site/furvisions/index.html


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