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Fur Reality 2015 was the third Fur Reality convention. It was held over October 9-11,[1] again at the Crown Plaza Blue Ash hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio.[1] Attendance was 382, with 89 participants in the fursuit parade.[2]

The theme was "Viva! Fur Reality".[1] The convention's charity was again the Ohio Alleycat Resource,[3] for which $3149.87 was raised, including $1,300 from the charity auction, $400 from the convention itself, and $702 from direct donations and sales at the charity table.[2]

The Guests of Honor were Uncle Kage (storyteller, entertainer, and wine aficionado), Vanderlugt (musician, DJ, and illustrator), Pandez (fursuiter and stand-up comedian), Alkali Bismuth and Xander The Blue (comedians, and hosts of The Dragget Show), and Ice TYP (musician).[4] Craig Boldman was also scheduled to be a guest, but was unable to make it due to scheduling issues.[5]


The staff of Fur Reality 2015 were:[6]


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