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FurFright logo
Status Discontinued
First iteration November 1, 2003
Final iteration October 25-27, 2013
Organizer(s) FurFright Organizing Committee Team
Charity Discontinued
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: FurFright resources
FurFright (edit)
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FurFright 2004
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FurFright staff
FurFright guests of honor

FurFright was a Halloween-themed anthropomorphic convention in Cromwell, Connecticut that was founded in 2003 and ran until 2013.

The convention offered three days of attractions and programming for anthropomorphic/furry fans, and worked to benefit animal and environmental charities, primarily the United States War Dog Association.


FurFright was started in 2003 by Belic Bear and K'gra Leopard as a one day mini-convention, which took place at a cabin in Middletown, Connecticut. Originally 30-50 attendees were anticipated, but more than 160 people registered, and the event turned into an annual convention. FurFright, in its tenth year, hosted 1,500 attendees.

FurFright was held at the Falcon's Grove at Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT (2003); The Sheraton Bradley Hotel in Windsor Locks, CT (2004-06); The Holiday Inn Waterbury in Waterbury, CT (2007-09). In 2010, FurFright moved to The Crowne Plaza in Cromwell, Connecticut.

In 2007, FurFright hosted a total of 717 attendees. In 2008 FurFright had 873 attendees, making it the fifth most attended anthropomorphic/furry convention in the world. It retained this position in 2009, with 979 attendees. Due to the constant growth of the convention, and a desire to preserve the intimate, social feel their attendees desire, FurFright instituted a 1,500 person attendance cap in 2011; however, there were 50 one-day passes available for each of the convention's three days, making the maximum possible cap 1,650.[1]

On December 1, 2013, the convention chairs announced that they were cancelling FurFright due to "a devastating turn of events in their personal/family life".[2] Other staff announced that they would attempt to restart the convention under a new name,[3] and Furpocalypse was announced in March 2014.

Typical events/attractions[edit]

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Dealers' Room
  • Masquerade
  • Charity Auction
  • Movie Morgue
  • Torture Chamber Arcade (Video Gaming)
  • Game Room Of Death (Table Top Gaming)
  • Draw or Die! (Artists' Challenge)
  • Fursuit Massacre (Fursuit Games)
  • FrankenFursuit Competition
  • Trick-or-treating
  • Costume Contest
  • Dance Competition
  • Panels, Classes, and Discussion Groups
  • Guest Of Honor
  • Attendee GOH
  • FrankenSponsor/Dealer Social
  • Friday Furpocalypse (physical challenges and gameshows)
  • Fursuit/Costume Photo Shoot
  • Fursuit Parade (2)
  • Fursuit Dance
  • 80's Dance
  • Furry Rave
  • Dead Fur Party

Guests of Honor[edit]


Each year FurFright worked to benefit a local and national charity through its charity auction.

Past charities:


FurFright, Inc. was a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Durham, Connecticut. First filing in 2004,[12] its directors as of 2009 were Belic Bear, K'gra Leopard, Sedge Hare, Zero Fox, and Silverpaw.

The FurFright "dripping blood" logo became a federally registered trademark on 13 September 2005. However, the trademark was cancelled on 5 October 2012.[13]

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