Fur Folks & Fun

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The cover for the CD "Fur Folks & Fun", showing the album's title over a tiger-striped backdrop.
Artist SonicBlu Darkfold
Released July 2004
Format CD
Recorded July 2004
Genre Filk
Label Time Machine Records

Fur Folk & Fun is SonicBlu's first studio album of a series of furry related song parodying popular songs. It was released the same month it was recorded. All 10 songs from the album took about a week to write, record, and mix. The only song off the album that gave the largest amount of trial and error was the song "P(ost) C(on) D(epression), which took an alarming 80 takes to get a final copy mixed. The album is dedicated to David Von Foxkin, which the single The Pile Of Furries was written to commemorate his first fur con experience.

Track Title Parodying
01 Stone Cold Furry Stone Cold Crazy by Queen
02 Fur Con Alabama Sweet Home Alabama in the style of A Bluegrass Tribute
03 Brown Eyed Squirrel Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
04 Gimme One Reason to Fursuit Gimme One Reason by Tracy Chapman
05 The Pile Of Furries Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
06 Furries in Memphis Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn
07 Making a Fursuit With Or Without You by U2
08 Yerf! I Feel Like a Furry! Man! I Feel Like A Woman! by Shania Twain
09 Anthrocon Kingston Town by UB40
10 P(ost) C(on) D(epression) Open Arms by Journey