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FurStumbler is the furry fandom's rapid transit system. Taking the form of a small toolbar, it lets one quickly navigate through an index of - as of December 2007 - over 700 sites sequentially or at random. FurStumbler also allows the user to vote on the quality of sites and filter what sites are shown by sexual content, content rating and star rating.


Components from left to right:

  • Site title
  • Rating stars
  • Content filter (Rated G, Rated R, etc)
  • Sexuality filter (Gay, Straight, etc)
  • Rating filter
  • Random site
  • Previous in list of results
  • Next in list of results
  • Report broken link
  • Review this site
  • Close FurStumbler

Users may click the close button at any time to remove the toolbar and go directly to the site they are viewing.

FurStumbler operates as an application instead of a webpage, as such it is accessed through buttons and links; everyone who is listed in its database is encouraged to add one to their site.

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