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Fursquare 2018 logo.jpeg
Status Ongoing
First iteration September 8, 2018
Organizer(s) ThaiAnthro
Subject Book and Goods Fair Event
Resources Photos, videos, reports: FurSquare resources
This page is about the Thai event. There is also an American convention called Fur Squared.

FurSquare (เฟอร์สแควร์) is a Furry / Kemono Book and Goods Fair Event (dōjinshi fair) held in Bangkok, Thailand.

FurSquare (edit)
Fursquare 2018 logo.jpeg
FurSquare 2018
FurSquare 2019
FurSquare 2020
FurSquare 2023

FurSquare staff
FurSquare guests of honor


FurSquare's mascots are two foxes - "beloved" Jasper and his "big brother" Wily - along with Prize, the "ultimate dragon transport".[1]

Transition of the number of circles of FurSquare[edit]

All datas is based on the official announcement[2]. The number of "Circles" means that of dealers and not of attendees.

Name yyyy/mm//dd Num. of Cir. Attendees Location
FurSquare 2018 2018/8/15 46 502 E88 Bangkok, Thailand
FurSquare 2019 2019/9/7 54 548 KX Bangkok, Thailand
FurSquare 2020 (Cancelled)[3] - - - -
FurSquare 2023 2023/9/2 77 1030 KX Bangkok, Thailand


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