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Author(s) Owner: Fesothe
Launch date 3rd January 2017
Genre Cultural Archive / Streaming Service
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FurShows Website
FurShows Video Archive

FurShows, also known as FS or FSH, is the furry fandom's cultural video archive, focusing on the promotion of videos, shows, movies, trailers, and notable fursonas, and is expanding it's services to include a streaming service, it also provides news updates on new movies and show releases of interest to the furry fandom which it shares through it's blog, telegram, and on it's reddit.

The site was created on the 3rd of January 2017 by Fesothe as a cultural video archive on the furshows.com domain, it was moved to furshows.org on the 9th of April 2020 for further development. It is led by Fesothe.

The website spans four domains furshows.org and it's shorter counterpart fursho.ws, as well as an advertising landing page/website at furryshows.com and a redirected domain furshows.com, it is currently still being heavily developed but is in a usable form, a BOT is being developed called Furry Observer that will function as a point of contact for the furry community to add and remove videos through tweets, and will perform other account, notice, and informational functions via DM's and replies.


FurShows is not currently registered as a business by Fesothe, it will be registered as a limited company on the 05 April 2022, it will be registered in Wikipedia:Bolton, United Kingdom.


FurShows staff as of February 2021 include:[1]

Translators & Website Managers
  • Arkes - Polish Translator
  • Lilith - Italian Translator & Website Manager.
  • Gavin - Chinese Translator & Website Manager.
  • Vosti - Swahili Translator & Website Manager.
  • Manish - Hindi Gujarati Translator & Website Manager.


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