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FurPacks is a groups and events management system for the furry community. It also can be used to find furries in your area using an integrated Google Maps API system.

Furries can join free, create their profile, set privacy settings then join a group (pack) in their area or any pack they choose. The pack doesn't have to be local for a member to join (unless the pack leader has deemed it so.)

Pack owners can set access rights for each of the packs features such as the pack wall, gallery, etc. to allow access and what type of access to group members and can at their choosing allow non-pack members to have read access to said features.

External links[edit]

Website: www.FurPacks.com

(unavailable as of March 29, 2012)

Developer Website: Flying Cactus Weasel Studios (Unavailable as of March 29, 2012)