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Furmorphed logo 01.png

Author(s) Founded by: Kanibal

Moderators: Cy The Bat

Status Ongoing
Launch date April 17th, 2007
Genre Online Community and Forum
Logo as of 2007

FurMorphed is a general furry forum.


FurMorphed was originally hosted at FreeForums.org under the subdomain http://furmorphed.freeforums.org and opened on April 17th, 2007. It moved to it's own hosting plan on October 6th the same year after outgrowing it's free host roots.

The original site team was just Kanibal and a moderating team of two: Skufer and daxx0r. However after a rush of traffic due to the start of an unexpected advertising campaign the site was forced to move and take on more staff. BlindWolf8 and Draygone joined the staff team and aided in the site changeover.

BlindWolf8 left the team in 2008 followed by Draygone and then Skufer made the decision to leave in May 2009 after two years of moderating Furmorphed.

Other members have progressed to be staff and then retired again; Rehka, ThrashWolf and Shadow Phoenix had moderated for a time before choosing to become normal members again. The current[when?] moderators are Cy the Bat, Khazix Rusyuu, and Sabre.


There are special sections for Roleplaying, fursuiting, furry lifestyles, forum games, offtopic content and a hypnosis section. The top of the index has a large site information centre where any site update or news is posted.

This is supplemented by the news fader at the top of the forum index and by the forums twitter. This section is also capable of coping with requests for new areas and features should the need for one be found by any member.

About the community[edit]

FurMorphed is an open community with a very "open door" policy, allowing almost any content on their forum so long as people maintain a reasonable maturity about it and do their best to keep it to the right sections. The forum is open to furs 16+, while special sections are locked until a user turns 18+ for mature content.

To try and make the community as interactive as possible the forum enables users to write a blog on their account and encourages them to share experiences and progress with hypnosis in these blogs. The forum also has a twitter feed for users to follow and receive updates on changes taking place on the forum.

There are also events in the community such as The Link of the Week which updates every Monday to a new funny or interesting link. Links are submitted by members or staff and when it's time to update the funniest or most interesting link is posted and announced.

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