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FurMexArt is a group dedicated to exposed anthropomorphic art from Mexican artists in DeviantART's Web Site.

Group's Mision[edit]

The FurMexArt's group has been created with the intention to promote the art of new anthro artists and to be a place for recognized Mexican furry artists.


The group had actually over 100 members that makes it the group with more exposure of Mexico Anthro Art scene.

FurMexArt Staff[edit]

The group have an Administration Staff: DavidTheWolf (Founder), Fercho182 (Co-Founder), Zomain (Co-Founder), Blake-Okami (Co-Founder), MarcoKuin (Co-Founder), SageOfOz (Contributor), RenoVash (Contributor) y Neofefnir (Contributor)

FurMexArt WebSite