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The FurFinder Button
FurFinder.net was acquired by Bad Karma Networks on August 7th 2007 and commenced construction immediately to serve as the first front-end for the project's experimental search capabilities. The FurFinder project spans four servers:
  • A spider that crawls known furry URLs taken from Yiffy.Tk
  • A dedicated SQL server for storing and retrieving data
  • A 'query' web server which takes requests from and provides results to the web server
  • A web server, for front-end presentation

FurFinder differs from most furry 'search engines' in that it constantly and automatically indexes entire sites. It offers an advantage over generic search engines like google in that the domains being crawled are guaranteed to be furry, theoretically eliminating result spam and increasing the relevancy thereof.

As of February 20, 2009, the search engine is non-functional.

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