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FurCast Feed Logo
Host(s) Paradox, Fayroe
Website https://furcast.fm/
Update schedule Weekly
RSS (MP3) https://furcast.fm/episodes/feed
Launch date July 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre Talk - Culture - Psychology - Spirituality

FurCast is a series of furry themed talk shows by XBN.

The show is hosted and produced by Paradox (XBN Director/Producer), and Fayroe (FurCast Co-director).

It runs as live syndicated radio and as a free to download archived podcast. XBN also hosts the radio show Friday Night Tracks in the same studio.


The show broadcasts primarily using their own proprietary video and audio streaming network, but often syndicates to other streaming services such as YouTube Live, and Periscope.

Video recordings of some episodes are available on YouTube, and are usually embedded directly into the episode’s page on the show’s website.

FurCast records the main broadcast programming and releases it as an MP3 podcast a few days after the broadcast. The podcast itself is accessible through the show’s RSS feed as well as Apple Podcasts. The show’s website also features a ways to subscribe page with links to other platforms.


In 2011, FurCast introduced an iOS and Android app for tuning into the audio streams.

In 2016, FurCast was maliciously syndicated onto several radio stations & PA systems across the world. According to the show, they do not know who was responsible and wish to be disassociated with it, detailed in their post Malicious Syndication Incident. [1]

In 2017, FurCast announced plans to move the studio to a new location, a house owned by local furs.

In 2019, FurCast started a 24/7 Telegram chat group for the show. As of August 2019 it has 362 members.

In 2020, the FurCast telegram chat reached 500 members. FurCast announced several new types of episode categories including "Tech" and "Feature" episodes. In episode 363 Paradox discussed "expanding the variety" of the types of content FurCast releases, in addition to the existing live style episodes.


  1. Nation-wide radio station hack airs hours of vulgar “furry sex” ramblings

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