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FurCast Feed Logo
Host(s) Paradox, B and Fayroe
Website http://furcast.xanacreations.com -> http://furcast.fm/
Update schedule Weekly
RSS (MP3) http://furcast.fm/feed
Launch date July 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre Talk - Culture - Psychology - Spirituality

FurCast is a syndicated comedy weekend talk show oriented toward furry and therian communities produced by the XANA Broadcasting Network (XBN) since summer 2010.

The show is hosted and produced by Paradox (XBN Director/Producer), B (primary radio host) and Fayroe (FurCast Co-director).

It runs as live syndicated radio and as a free to download archived podcast. The show is noted to be mindless in style, lacking in political correctness, audience powered and humor centered. XBN also hosts the radio show Friday Night Tech in the same studio.

The title FurCast was originally conceived years before the show's production. Paradox and B considered the show title for a few final months before finally deciding to produce. Now the show continues to broadcast and continues to grow in fan base from listeners in the Furry Fandom.


The show broadcasts primarily using their own propitiatory video streaming network, recently adding support high definition, mobile devices and other useragents such as VLC Media Player in addition to a basic flash player on the website. Previously, third party streaming networks were used, such as Justin.tv and Livestream. These third party channels still exist as a backup should the main backend go down.

The show also broadcasts a MP3 stream.[1] HERE Most listeners due to finding links through social network marketing, end up landing directly on the "Live Video" page, keeping most listeners at that page. The show hosts constantly refer to the availability of the MP3 feed due to many fans having bandwidth problems & limitations, therefore being unable to watch the video feed properly.

As FurCast continues to grow, various syndication networks have picked up the broadcast, including but not limited to: Paws-Up Radio, and FurFusion Radio.

Video recordings of some episodes are available on YouTube, and are usually embedded directly into the episode's page on the archive.

In 2011 FurCast introduced a proprietary iOS app later expanding it to the Google Play store, with version 2.0 being the current for both platforms. The app features an HTML5 based player with presets to stream each MP3 stream available from the show and network.


FurCast records the main broadcast programming, as a later downloadable (MP3) podcast. The podcast itself is accessible through RSS feed links on the website, and in the iTunes Podcast Store, HERE. The show also features a ways to subscribe page which purely focuses on different ways to stay updated with the show.

Despite many requests for the post show and call segments to be included in the podcast, the recordings remain a pure unedited copy of a limited section of the broadcast, usually including the usual segments and ending with last minute notes and shoutouts before the live audience is presented the remaining unrecorded segments.


FurCast has adapted over time, to both new upgrades to the show, and a change in viewer interests. It remains mindless, lacking in political correctness and unscripted. The show remains partly viewer powered, through fan emails (furcast-at-furcast.fm), submitted content from an official subreddit and IRC chat room interaction. [2]

The show hosts over time have developed a well defined chemistry, bantering constantly with each other over random jokes on air, as well as with the viewers from topics that happen to spawn off of email questions and other random events. The hosts and fans also voice the hatred of poorly written emails, including ones that are missing grammar completely or simply emails that have a virtually unrelatable topic to the show. In the past, most emails received were read on air or replied to properly other than spam email or emails sent relating to other topics, such as contests or emails only being sent for file attachments. As of mid Season 2, emails became a much less fundamental part of the show's schedule, making only highly debatable and well written emails getting chosen. The email system still remains to be one of the best ways to get in contact with the show, and has the highest chance of influencing the broadcast other than the active IRC chat room.

Despite being an almost completely furry oriented show, it remains on it's original IRC network for the chat room, TechToKnow IRC. The hosts show no interest in moving to a more appropriate IRC Network such as FurNet (IRC), since the current network plays a large role in services for the show, including IT support, through friends and partners on the network.[3]


FurCast announced shortly into Season 2, that a new "segmented show" would be presented. This continues to current day due to it's success, but has exceptions (mid-week shows and email only shows, both of which are usually pre-announced on the website itself and syndicated RSS feeds).

The schedule has undergone several revisions, up to it's current state, being a 2 hour (1/2 hour over time allowed) broadcast. If content is going well.

The segments are separated into 8 primary sectors, including two 10 minute breaks. No information is official, but as per standard with each episode, it is expected to have at least the following:

  1. (0:00-0:10) Intro/Banter
  2. (0:10-1:00) News and articles, if none, emails
  3. (1:00-1:10) BREAK
  4. (1:10-2:00) Interview, or emails if there is no Interview
  5. (2:00-2:10) BREAK
  6. (2:10-2:30) Shout-outs, and end, sometimes last minute emails included.
  7. (2:00-N/A) POST SHOW

Music and Breaks[edit]

Unlike Friday Night Tech, FurCast is based primarily around talking. Despite keeping that genre, the show hosts take breaks after large groups of emails or large time periods of broadcasting. During this time, music is cued to fill the 10 minute break period. The music can span from viewer requests, to hit tracks from recent episodes of Friday Night Tech. IRC chat room interaction can also happen during this time due to the hosts being too busy during normal programming to respond to viewers in the chat room.


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  3. Show website IRC page irc.techtoknow.net #furcast

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