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Furry Art Commission Service
Author(s) Administrator: Fuzzy
Status Closed
Launch date November 12, 2012
End date Early 2014?
Genre Artist Commission Website
Web NC-17

FurArtist was a furry artist commissioning service website under the FurryUnited brand which was intended to make it easy for furry artist to open commission blocks and for other members to commission slots within those blocks.


Artist Blocks: Artists will be able to open blocks with defined commission slots, price details, date ranges etc. These blocks can later be filtered by people looking to commission an artist. When the block is open other members will be able to commission slots in the block. The artist will then be able to accept, deny, request information etc. All transaction details will be logged for both the artist and person requesting the slot to audit. Once a slot request is approved by the artist, the slot will be added to the artists queue.

In addition, during the slot request the requestor will be able to upload reference artwork and provide details about what they would like completed in the commission. They will also be able to attach fursona profiles to the commission. More details on fursonas is listed in the next section.

Fursona Profiles: All members will be able to create fursona profiles that will include details about the fursona appearance and can build color pallets to link to the fursona. These color pallets can later be referenced by and artist during the commission process and the artist can even download the pallet in Photoshop format.


FurArtist opened for public beta on November 12, 2012.[1] As of March 2013 it has 253 members,[1] and by September it had 363, with 140 artist blocks.[2] However, by May 2014 the domain had been abandoned.


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