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cover of Fur-Piled Volume 1
Author(s) Leo Magna
Update schedule Completed
Launch date 2004
End Date February 15th, 2011
Genre Comical Romance
Censor PG button.png

Fur-Piled is a gay-themed slice-of-life web comic by Leo Magna. It used to be available in nine languages (English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, German, Portuguese and both Castilian and Latin-American dialects of Spanish), but all translations has since been indisposed. The comic is now only available in english, in a pdf form on the author's patreon: Pages 1-151 Pages 152-265 Pages 266-366 Pages 367-427

The web comic was typically updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The characters in the comic never made any references to their artistically-depicted species during its run, which may, in a similar arrangement to Circles, render the characters as merely artistically-anthropomorphic representations of fictional human characters.


The main plotline of the comic is centered around the lives, trials and romantic endeavors of a group of friends living in Santa Monica, California.

  • Arthur Husky (aka "Husky"), a gay dog who is mated to Saetto
  • Andy Mark, gay fox, mated to a gay tiger named Indigo Blue
  • Chris, a (according to Husky) hetero-flexible panda who rooms with Husky, mated long-distance to Lila until they broke up over the phone over Chris rooming with a gay male.
  • Ian Yote, lesbian coyote, mated to Tanya
  • Saetto, gay (According to Leo Magna Saetto is a Familiar) mated to Husky
  • Louis, lesbian rabbit, currently mated to Rose
  • Rose, lesbian cheetah waitress, mated to Louis
  • Car Hayne,[1] gay hyena, Husky's ex-boyfriend
  • Natasha, lesbian lioness, mated to Ian
  • Michael, Andy's sister's mate older brother. Mentor and previous best friend of Andy. Deceased (car accident).
  • Indigo Blue[2], Andy's gay tiger boyfriend
  • Ojiisan[3], Old lion wearing glasses, who gives advice to various characters in the comic. Known to be the owner of the "Midnight Howl" club. Also a writer.

Unseen characters[edit]

  • Lila, straight, Christian homophobic ex-girlfriend of Chris

Flashback or non-dialogue characters[edit]

  • Neil, Saetto's abusive ex-boyfriend
  • Bree, Ian's ex-girlfriend


Volume 1[edit]

  • Intro
  • "Midnight Radio" (named for the song from the play Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
  • "Boys who Like Boys" (named for the song "Girls and Boys" by Blur)
  • "Mr. Tangerine Speedo" (named for the song "Tangerine Speedo" by Caviar)
  • "Love of the Loveless" (named after the song "Love of the Loveless" by Eels)
  • "Cue the Pulse to Begin" (named after the song "Cue The Pulse To Begin" by Burnside Project)

Volume 2[edit]

  • "I've Got a Woman" (named after the song "I Got a Woman" by Ray Charles)
  • "Scream" (named after the song "Scream" by Ima Robot)
  • "Of pride and other things"
  • "Roxane" (named after the song "El Tango de Roxane" by Ewan MacGregor for the Moulin Rouge OST)
  • "Michael" (named after the song "Michael" by Franz Ferdinand)
  • "Feel Good Inc." (named after the song "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz)
  • "Hold On" (named after the song "Hold On" by Jet)

Volume 3[edit]

  • "How to Save a Life" (named after the song "How to Save a Life" by The Fray)
  • "War on Sound" (named after the song "War on Sound" by Moonbabies)
  • "Your Woman" (named after the song "Your Woman" by White Town)
  • "Loser" (named after the song "Loser" by Beck)
  • "Love, Love, Love" (named after the song "Love, Love, Love" by As Tall As Lions)
  • "World Spins Madly On" (named after the song "World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies)

Volume 4[edit]

  • "Meet Virginia" (named after the song "Meet Virginia" by Train)
  • "Ripchord" (named after the song "Ripchord" by Rilo Kiley) - Andy has sex with Indigo Blue. Meanwhile, Chris walks home to confront his girlfriend's homophobia over the phone.
  • "Soundtracks and Come Backs" (named after the song "Soundtracks and Come Backs" by Goldfish) - Saetto and Husky, celebrating their renewal as a couple, stop by Louis' restaurant.
  • "Chiquitita" (named after the song "Chiquitita" by Abba) - Husky and Chris talk about Chris' breakup.
  • "Don't Tell Me" (named after the song "Don't Tell Me" by Madonna) - Rose and Louis talk with Ojisan about characters, decisions and Louis' attempt to make her restaurant a hub for LGBT youth in West Hollywood.

Volume 5[edit]

  • "All these things that I've done" (named after the song "All these things that I've done" by The Killers) - Indigo Blue and Andy bare their souls to each other.
  • "Centrifuge" (named after song by Pomplamoose) - Chris and Ojisan (the latter now a bartender) talk over Chris' breakup; Ojisan gives Chris a drink which perks him up but also swings Chris' feelings in a delirious manner.
  • "Oh My God" (named after song by Ida Maria) - Chris opens way up to Saetto after walking home inebriated.
  • "Fur-Piled" Last chapter of the Fur-Piled series. Announced on Fur-Piled Facebook fan page[4] and internally in the LiondogWorks Forum.[5]

Print editions[edit]

Print edition Fur-Piled, Volume 1 was released by Sofawolf Press in July 2006, debuting at Anthrocon 2006. It collects chapters one through six.

Print edition Fur-Piled, Volume 2: Lyfe has spelling errors was released by Sofawolf Press in July 2007, debuting at Anthrocon 2007.[6] It collects chapters seven through thirteen.

Print edition Fur-Piled, Volume 3: World Spins Madly On was released by Sofawolf Press in July 2009; it collects chapters fourteen through nineteen.

Print edition Fur-Piled, Volume 4: Soundtracks and Comebacks was released by Sofawolf Press on June 25 2010, debuting at Anthrocon 2010[7] It collects chapters twenty through twenty-four.


Fur-Piled, Volume 2 was among the final nominees in the 2007 Ursa Major Awards in the category of Best Other Literary Work. The comic won the 2008 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip, and the collection Fur-Piled, Volume 4 won Best Other Literary Work for 2010. For the 2011 Ursa Major Awards the webcomic was among the final nominees for "Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story" as was Fur-Piled, Volume 5 for "Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work".


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