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Fur-Load of Trouble is a comedy comic written by Kendareru, Isamu Yan, and A.J.. The strip has yet to have its first update, and no schedule of release has been set yet.

Fur-Load of Trouble is about the everyday life of Kendareru (a feline waiter) and Isamu (a canine mechanic) who share an apartment, as well as all their friends. Each strip will be set at a specific point in the day (morning, afternoon, and evening/night), and progress in that order.

Character Backgrounds[edit]

The first comic panel of Fur-Load of Trouble

Kendareru Neko-sama: A waiter at a club called The Swinging Apes, and has worked there for quite a while. He is a bit shy, and having a tendency to be a bit clumsy and feminine, he is constantly harassed by the customers. He is best friends with Isamu, Max, and AJ. Kendareru is bisexual.

Isamu Yan: A mechanic who tends to be moody, and smokes... a lot. He had Kendareru move in with him, and his apartment has been clean ever since. He is constantly watching out for his feline friend, and fixing AJ's Ford. Isamu is straight.

AJ: Bouncer at The Swinging Apes. He basically holds open the door when Max literally throws people out. He's an ex-Marine, because he actually bit an officer's head off, hates it when the snow starts, and can never seem to get laid, but his tail gets a lot of action, and it may have syphilis. AJ is straight.

Max: He was in the Marines with AJ, and left because they were best friends. He's the bartender at The Swinging Apes. Rumor has it that one of the customers was pestering him, so he picked the guy up and threw him out the door without leaving the spot. He does this to anyone who bothers him . No one knows Max's sexual preference yet, but we do know that he is rather protective of Kendareru.

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