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The funny animal fandom, sometimes known as the animal fandom, is a subculture composed of individuals (fans and artists) who enjoy the classic funny animals from the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics and animation, such as Fox & Crow or Carl Barks' Scrooge McDuck, or Warner Brothers cartoons, Woody Woodpecker, and certain Disney animated films (I.e. Lady and the Tramp).

Many greymuzzles consider the end of the Vootie APA in 1983, and the start of the Rowrbrazzle APA a year later, as the point where, for the most part, funny animal fandom became the furry fandom.[citation needed]


Some funny animal fans and artists who are interested in the artwork and stories aspects of furry characters have no interest in being identified with the furry fandom itself because of the (mainly) perceived sexualition of these characters and creatures, furries' social or lifestyle interests, and/or the perceived "baggage" that said fandom carries (controversies, mainstream perception, etc).

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