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Funny animal artist is a term which can be applied to furry artists or non-furry artists. It may be a self-label, and can refer to an artist who has produced material exclusively for the furry market, but do not wish to carry the "negative baggage" they assume the Furry moniker carries (Right or wrong) to any person or corporation outside the fandom. (B) An artist(*) that draws "Funny animals" more for the interest of the subject than as an work assignment.

As an well known Furry Artist once wrote: "I only use 'Funny animal' on any material that might become someone's first impression of the Fandom, because too many people immediately associate the term "Furry" with (various) negative aspects."

(*) The term "Artist" can be cover a vast array of professions: Cartoonists/Comic Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, CG Artists, Writers, Sculptors, Animators, Puppeteers, Musicians, Doll/Plush Builders, and many more.