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Funny Farm volume 1.jpeg
Funny Farm vol. 1
Author(s) Ryan Smith and others
Launch date 1999

Funny Farm is a daily webcomic authored by Ryan Smith (R. Smith) and hosted by Keenspot. The comic details the lives of a group of anthropomorphic animals, who live in a boarding house owned by Ront and Mewn. The author has explained the apparent peculiarity of having humans and anthropomorphic animals coexisting. The main characters are in fact humans just like everyone else. It is merely in the mind of the reader that they appear as animals because this to some extent reflects their personal characteristics.

The story started on January 26, 1999 as a simple gag-a-day webcomic, with characters starting to live on the boarding house, but it soon began to become something of greater proportions, and the life of the cast started to get more and more complicated; for example, there is a masked terrorist, a super-computer who intends to rule the world, giant corporations battling for power, and a psychotic pet monkey.

One of the characteristics of the webcomic are the fan-made comic jams, which are comics drawn by persons other than Ryan Smith. These comics are published on the Funny Farm forum and each artist takes turns to make one, followed immediately (though 'immediately' tends to mean 'within months') by another artist, making an overall very complex and strange story outside continuity. There are many running-gags on this, like making the appearance of characters as Naked Anime Flying Kitty, Pirate Mewn, or Millena Marvel, and making Naked Anime Flying Kitty speak many languages.

On January 16, 2006 R. Smith began publishing his second webcomic Banished ([1]), with Jamie Anderson [2] as the artist. After a brief hiatus at the end of chapter 5 (December 6, 2006), chapter 6 began January 22, 2007 with Brandon Zuckerman as the new artist and Megan M. Risbergs as colourist.



The six main characters are those who live on the boarding house for most of the time.


  • First Appearance: The First Three – Gulius vacation at home [3]

One of the co-owners of the boarding house, along with Mewn, even though Ront does most of the work on the house, especially concerning the financial and business aspects. He has known Mewn since high school, in his native Carmen, and has been his best friend ever since. He's always looking for new ways to expand his business, and his serious attitude toward life is the perfect complement to Mewn's free spirit. A very responsible person, he isn't afraid of hard work, but if there is one thing that can make him cringe, it's rats. He has two brothers, the oldest one being Horton and the younger one being Pomeroy. A running gag is to make fun of his big nose.

Mewn Blake Ramses[edit]

Mewn Blake Ramses
  • First Appearance: The First Three – Gulius vacation at home [4]

Along with Ront, he's the co-owner of the boarding home, and the one who supplied the house, which he inherited from his grandfather after winning it over his cousin, Lenette, but because of this dispute, they don’t get along very well. Mewn’s personality is very different from Ront’s, he’s impulsive and easy-going, but a little juvenile; he enjoys things that kids do, like playing video-games, watching TV (Naked Anime Flying Kitty is his favourite show), and collecting toys, especially with Transformers. This is because of his somewhat lost childhood, much of which was spent on a penguin school full of nuns; incidentally, his conscience has the form of a nun he accidentally killed from a heart attack. He has the ability to communicate with other objects like the Aunt Jemima syrup. His family is very wealthy. He’s currently engaged to his long-time girlfriend Mavis.


  • First Appearance: The First Three – Gulius vacation at home [5]

The first tenant to live in the boarding house, he’s a business man who hates his work and loves the money. Because of his cynical, sarcastic and egocentric nature, many persons find him hard to bear, but he actually isn’t as insensitive as he may look at first. Gulius started living on the boarding house because of its lower-than-usual rent, even though it’s very far from his work at the Westone/Mayers Company; since he had a promotion there, he works as a Human Resources assistant manager, along with Mike. His life started getting complicated the day Pete took the place where he worked hostage, and ever since he keeps getting involved in conflicts, with Pete, with Westone and with Mayers. As a side note, he had job security in the Westone company, before Mayers bought the company out.

Francis “Flink” Linkletter[edit]

  • First Appearance: Enter Flink – Clash with the cult [6]

Flink started living in the boarding house when he saw Ront announcing it on the Pete conflict at Mayers. Flink can be described as very kind and very naïve; he comes from a very small town called “Bucket”, where he was raised by his grandmother, a failed witch, who was very possessive of him. The ladies can’t resist throwing themselves to his arms (literally) when he’s close to them, but this is only a part of the incredible luck that surrounds him. Even though he likes living a simple life, he often gets involved on events of tremendous proportions. PC has a personal vendetta against him because he foiled one of his plans to rule the world. Flink has been known to have had many different jobs, often low-paid, such as at a photo-booth, a supermarket and at the mail room in Mayers' company; he's currently working in the Naked News Network as a mobile camara man, thanks to a recommendation of his friend Tanya Rubbthys.


  • First Appearance: Boe Moves In – It’s obvious what he is [7]

Boe first came as a surprise to the boarding house, because Mewn had already accepted him without really knowing anything about him. He’s a very nice person who cares deeply for his friends (especially Mileena), he’s one person who will always be there to help with a problem; Boe’s two passions are cooking and fitness. Raised in the military town of Ferndeck by his brother Lukis after both his parents died in an accident, he grown to be someone “tough”, so he kept his interest in cooking a secret. He later became the chef at Giovanni’s restaurant. Even though he certainly has feelings for Mileena, he was reluctant to date her while she was still a married woman.

Mileena Mayers née Yarrawonga[edit]

  • First Appearance: When Ront Met Mewn – Mileena’s first appearance [8]

When Mileena first came into the boarding house, it was obvious she was holding a big secret (she came in a helicopter labelled “Mayers”); the other finally learned her secret: she is Clifford Mayers wife, who married her out of convenience. It didn’t took long for Mileena to discover the true person behind his husband: a controlling man who only cares about himself. She started to suspect his shady business was ill-related, so she investigated it only to find he had some obscure contacts. She left him and went into hiding because she feared for her life, with the hope that one day she would be able to expose him. She fought with him because he wouldn't let her divorce unless she settled for nothing, which she refused, but in time this fight started affecting those close to Mileena; when she realized this, she finally signed his post nuptial agreement, but after saving Sykes' life, the assassian backed her up and obliged Mayers to settle for her terms.

Mileena is very superficial (she married Mayers because of his looks), but even though she first liked Boe because of his body, she soon began to see him for something else. Incidentally, she’s very good with computers.

Sidenote: It was later discovered that Mr. Mayers' mother, Magda Mayers, deliberately arranged the marriage, so that he may use Mileena's family resources for personal gain (like admission for the secret organization named the Concordat, which Mr. Mayers' mother was a member of).



  • First Appearance: The First Three – PC the conqueror

PC was originally a normal personal computer, but experiments done by Dr. Day got it infected with a virus; ever since, its intention has been to rule the world with the help of machines. When Dr. Day’s experiments ended, he sold the computer, which was passed until Ront bought it and brought it to the boarding house. There, PC began its plans, getting its first ally: Tor the calculator. After conquering Denmark and renaming it Siliconopolis, PC moved there (with a little help of the unknowing Flink) and created the commander to his Doombots v2.0 army, ASCII, though it was considered a failure. Later on, PC was forced to leave its own country by the intervention of the government of USA, but PC was able to fool them into thinking its base would self-destruct, only to move underwater. This underwater base became inaccessible when Trudy Truheart (from General Protection Fault) destroyed its only sub; PC lived from that moment on somewhere in Mayers Industries, protected by Mayers himself, and created O. It was in here where it first met Pete, as they both tried to enter the Concordat; however, PC’s dreams of grandeur were cut short when it was falsely accused of sexual harassment in there and was promptly destroyed, leaving ASCII and Tor alone, until he revealed it had only been part of a plan to escape everyone’s sight. He now had a more humanoid like form that parodies Dr. Doom and has one arm in the middle of his chest. PC possesses an incredible intelligence, used almost all the time against humanity, and very little patience; he thinks of machines as superior to humans, not that that has stopped him of making deals with them sometimes.


  • First Appearance: PC’s Grand Plan – ‘L337’ Means ‘Elite’

The first robot with AI made by PC, ASCII is very loyal to him; he became the commander of PC’s Doombots v2.0. While PC is not extremely fond of him, ASCII has proven to be a very resourceful ally, since his loyalty is bullet-proof, he is full of weapons and attacks aggressively anyone who opposes him or PC. ASCII can only speak in the language known as L33t, making him hard to understand, which is why he likes Mewn: he is one of the few people who can understand him completely. He even protected Mewn in Siliconopolis, letting him and his friends escape. After PC's Dr. Proctor replica found him in the basement of the Concordat headquarters, he was repaired and now speaks normal English, albeit with randomly capitalized letters.


  • First Appearance: The First Three – PC the conqueror

PC’s first loyal minion, Tor is a simple household calculator who was owned by Ront, but it was meant to bigger things. After joining PC in his crusade to rule the world, Tor was put in charge of the Doombots v1.0. Ever since the creation of ASCII, they have had an antagonistic relationship. People usually don’t understand Tor’s way of speaking, except for fellow machines, mostly because all that it can say its 2 + 2 = 4. In spite of this, Tor seems to be the most level-headed and intelligent of PC's minions.


  • First Appearance: Coming Home – v3.0

Of all of PC’s creations, O has proved to be the most disappointing. An experiment made to see how much of PC’s AI was affected when Dr. Day attempted to delete it produced him, thus revealing how affected the AI was. He was supposed to be the commander of the Doombots v3.0, but O has the persona of a 4 year old child, much to PC’s dismay, who decided to get rid of him while still doing something productive: he commanded him to look for his underwater base (which he does only for Booey); he remain absent, looking for the PC Drome ever without luck, until he finally stumbled across it without initially realising his discovery. He later returns to PC with the PC-drome, but has disassembled the army of doombots on board to create a ladder with which to enter the base, which he had parked in flight mode.


  • First Appearance: The First Three – Pete mayhem at Westone

A masked terrorist, Pete’s identity is still a mystery to everybody; he can be very dangerous, and he’s quite good with guns and weapons, his favorite being the shotgun. In the beginning he seemingly worked alone, wanting to get the media’s attention for unknown reasons, but it was later revealed his association with Westone (whom he betrayed) and Mayers, and his desire to gain a position in a secret society known as the Concordat. He would later gain a place in the Concordat with the help of Mayers, winning a fight with Vanessa Sykes; he presumably received training as part of the Concordat before his first assignment, which was to help Westone locate a mole. Pete’s ill actions are numerous, including taking an entire floor on Westone hostage (where he first met Gulius), robbing a bank, kidnapping Gulius, shooting Senileavich and trying to assassinate Mileena. The only person to have seen his face is Mewn, but unfortunately his memories were erased by the cult.

Clifford Mayers[edit]

  • First Appearance: Flink be Fired – Mystery of Mileena

An evil businessman who doesn’t lets anything get into his way, Mayers usually makes intricate schemes to get what he wants; he takes pleasure in other’s misfortune, and isn’t really happy until he completes his goals. Mayers, along with his mother, hates with all his heart his father, Westone, a feeling reciprocated, making them fight for power. Mayers married Mileena in order to gain a place in the Concordat, but doesn’t really cares about her at all, the only reason they haven’t divorced yet is only because Mileena refuses to settle for nothing. Mayers bought the Westone office where Gulius worked, and started looking for the fleeing Mileena; when he finally found her, Boe, Gulius and Mike helped her sneak away, but Mayers saw Boe’s face, leaving a clue as to Mileena’s current position. Thanks to a life debt of Sykes to Mileena, Mayers was obligated to settle the divorce out of court. Mayers has an affair with Concordat’s assassin Vanessa Sykes, uncaring that Mileena is aware of that fact. He has made many enemies, including Westone, Ray, Mileena, Boe, Dr. Day and several others. Mayers has come into contact with several dangerous persons in his way; he made Pete betray Westone for a position in the Concordat and even managed to get PC’s favor. One of Mayers’ most distinct features is an eye-shadow he always seems to get; with time, this started to fade, until disappearing completely when Mileena started the divorce papers.

Mr. Gabe Senileavich[edit]

  • First Appearance: The First Three – Pete Mayhem at Westone (off-screen)

In the beginning, Senileavich was part of the management of the Westone Company as Gulius despot boss, but after Mayers Industries takeover he became his right hand; he helped him capture Mileena, but she managed to escape. When Westone came back to gain control of the company of Mayers, Senileavich tried to oppose him, only to be shoot by Pete; he would had died if it hadn’t been for Miss Reese timely intervention calling 911. Once in the hospital, Westone tried to erase his memories, but that only landed him into coma. He managed to wake up some time later, just in time to defend Gulius from Pete when he showed up at the hospital he was in. While recovering, Senileavich realized not all his memories were affected, he could still remember Pete’s involvement with Westone, so he showed up at Lukis’ wedding to stop Pete from killing Mileena; after unmasking Pete and revealing Westone, Senileavich realized someone had set him up, but he decided to keep quiet as payback for what he had done to him. Mayers trust in Senileavich has shattered with time, so he’s trying to make himself valuable once more. This, however, has led to some distrust by Miss Reese, who used to be a close ally. It has also been recently discovered that he is gay. He had left the company after he finally had enough of Mayers. He worked for a coffee shop for a brief time and is now in a relationship with Ridley with plans of opening a coffee bar.

Miss Reese[edit]

  • First Appearance: The Mayers Menace – Under New Management

Miss Reese is not a woman to play games with; serious and even cold, she has a no-nonsense attitude with about everybody. She doesn’t takes orders from anybody, except Mayers (her boss) and Senileavich. She works at Mayers office as Mayers assistant, but she keeps quiet about how she got the position. Reese recently became suspicious of her boss's shady intentions; she doesn’t need anyone to tell her what to do, and investigates on her own. Ms. Reese keeps many things about her a secret, like the fact that she is into S&M, unknown to everyone except Gulius, or that she is had martial arts training and is quite strong. Her quiet and disciplinary behavior leads her to be somewhat socially isolated, but she has a soft spot for Gulius. Nevertheless, she does everything in her power to hide this, and has a peculiar way of showing it: in order to protect him, she has even tried to get him fired.

Geoff Ridley[edit]

  • First Appearance: Enter Flink – Wrath of Ridley

Gulius boss at the Human Resources Department in Mayers Industries is very responsible and hard-working person. Gulius enjoys making his life more difficult, getting frequently on his nerves, especially about the fact that he is actually an out-of-the-closet gay; despite this, Ridley hates stereotypes and doesn’t lets his personal life get into his work. Ridley once dated Flink, or at least he thought he did; ever since, he started looking for a serious relationship without luck. He frequently looks in the internet for people to date, that’s where he first found about “Gr8businessman”. They talked for some time until they decided to meet, only to revel his secret date was actually Westone trying to get info of Mayers; he hypnotized Ridley, so every time he hears the phrase “Yo quiero Taco Bell” he obeys his every command. Ridley isn’t aware of this, but Gulius has started to notice something strange in Ridley’s behavior, as there are some weird side-effects to the hypnosis, such as his sudden urge to eat Mexican Food or speaking Spanish at times. After his hypnosis was exposed and deprogrammed by the government, Ridley returned to normal. He discovered to his shock that Mr. Senileavich is also gay. After a disastrous dinner that Mr. Senileavich used to spy on Orwell, Ridley ran into Senileavich later at a coffee shop. The two started seeing each other more much to the disgust of Gulius. Ridley was offered the job of CEO after Orwell vanished but he resigned instead. He and Senileavich are now planning to open a coffee bar together.

Mike Sopkins[edit]

  • First Appearance: Enter Flink – Wrath of Ridley

A very friendly person, Mike Sopkins was originally a parody of a character of The Class Menagerie's Mikey Hopkins, the joke being that while Mikey is gay he avoids stereotypes, but Mike is the exact opposite: he isn’t gay but acts very flamboyant and happy, and he has certain hobbies that make one wonder about his sexual orientation. Along with Gulius and Ridley, he works at Mayers Industries, where he got a promotion after Westone was took over by Mayers. One of his best friends is Joy; he met her when Gulius tried to set them up, where they both decided they would be nothing more than friends. They used to live together in Mike’s apartment (along with Joy’s dog Tony, and for some time Gulius), but Mike started to show interest in starting a romantic relationship, so he moved out in order to start some romance between them. Joy moved back when she was fired by Mayers, and they decided to start a business together; Mike saw in this a perfect opportunity to propose to her, and they ended getting married in Las Vegas with Gulius as his best man.

Vanessa Sykes[edit]

  • First Appearance: Siliconopolis and Back Again – Chez PC-Drome

A Concordat’s assassin, Sykes is a very deadly woman. Her extensive knowledge of uses of weapons and fighting makes her a fearsome opponent. Little is known about her, apart from the fact she seems to own Mayers a favour, favour she repays through various actions, including inciting the government of USA to invade Silinconopolis and using an invitation of the Concordat to take PC as an inductee. She starts flirting with Mayers, and eventually they have an affair even Mileena knows about.

James Westone[edit]

  • First Appearance: The First Three – Pete Mayhem at Westone (off-screen)

As the head of Westone Inc. he gave Gulius job security, but Westone soon showed his true colors as the head of the cult that kidnapped Gulius and as a partner to terrorist Pete. Thanks to stocks he owns, he’s still a prominent member of the company board, so when Mayers left the station he seized the chance to get his position reinstalled. As part of the company once more, Westone worked to get Mileena’s favor, going as far as to give her his stocks; acting as her personal advisor he tried to separate Mileena from his friends and planned to get her killed, but his plan backfired when Pete betrayed him and joined Mayers instead. He was falsely accused and sent to jail. Westone managed to escape, thanks to his contacts with the Alpha Ambiance Cult, and went into hiding. He decided to keep low profile, but the Concordat managed to contact him and gave him a mission: he needs to find the identity of a “mole”. He contacted Ridley through internet in a fake persona and managed to hypnotize him; using him, he tries to get information of Mayers. Westone ex-wife, Magda Mayers, has become one of his greatest enemies; she has even put their own son against him, Clifford Mayers. Even so, Westone isn’t really any better that any of them, and won’t hesitate to remove anyone who happens to be in his way.

Mavis Buckey[edit]

  • First Appearance: Enter Flink – Unexpected Mavis

Mavis was a very popular girl in school, so popular she drew the attention of two of her classmates: Ray and Mewn. When she graduated from high-school, Mavis looked for ways to achieve her dream of travelling around the world, a chance she found in an international organization; unknown to her, that organization was a cult operated by Westone. She decided to resign, but after leaving the organization her memory of her time in the cult was erased, including his relationship with Mewn... After her memory was erased, she returned to Carmen to try to reform her life; she started studying again to become a nurse; she still had to make to decision between having a relationship with Ray or Mewn, but in the end she chose Mewn, who proposed marriage to her: she accepted. They’re currently keeping their engagement a secret to almost everyone.


  • First Appearance: Boe Moves In – Pomeroy the Unwanted

Ront’s younger brother, he struggles in life to find a place while living under the shadow of their older brothers. Pom main interest is the opposite sex, which always seems to get the better of him; he pursues women without success, while he has a special interest in Leenette, as he knows her since they were kids. Pom can be seen as a slacker to some, as he worries little about his future and isn’t concerned about his lack of ambitions. When Pom entered college, he quickly became friends with his teacher Orwell, but he dropped college after they fired of him. He decided to start over when Orwell asked him to, but this time in his native Carmen to avoid more distractions from his study. He recently returned to the boarding home after graduating from college and is now working at a donut shop named Horton's.


  • First Appearance: When Ront Met Mewn – The Joy of Cooking with Joy

Boe’s co-worker at Giovanni’s, Joy is a very sweet person... almost extremely sweet for some people tastes. She is very kind, and her morals can be compared to those of a nun. Her sense of decency is very high: she thinks couples shouldn’t even sleep in the same bed before getting married. Joy has become good friends with Mike Sopkins after they went in a date, they have even moved to the same apartment and lived together for some time, until Mike decided to move out because of an innocent kiss between them. Joy is an eternal source of optimism and cheerfulness; she’s able to see something positive out of anything and anyone, and she’s always ready to lend a hand whenever she’s needed... problem is, this sometimes gets into other peoples’ nerves. Joy was fired of her job as a cook by Mayers when he bought the restaurant, just to make Boe mad. She moved back with Mike and decided to start together a bed and breakfast business; soon after that, Mike proposed to her and they got married in Las Vegas, with Reese as her maid of honor.

Lenette Ramses[edit]

  • First Appearance: Winter Estate – Ramses Manor

Mewn’s cousin, although she prefers to not be associated to him; they have a mutual dislike, started when they went to the same school. They fought for his grandparent inherence, but eventually Mewn won: Lenette lost the boarding house. Her career being the field of business, she moved into the same city as the boarding house to start working at Mayers Industries when Westone had gain control in the company once more (unknown to her, she was only hired by Westone to have someone close to Mewn by his side). Working there, she made one friend and one enemy: Mileena found she was very good company, while Ms. Reese couldn’t even stand being in the same room as her. However, Westone was put in prison, so the board decided to fire anyone close to Westone, and that included Lenette. Unemployed, Lenette moved to the boarding house, and accompanied Ront and Mewn to look for Flink in the town of Bucket; surrounded by hillbillies, she decided to take matters in her own hand, buying the only hotel there to improve it. She has been living there ever since, regretting her decision. Leenette looks down to people she considers inferior, she is something of a snob, but that’s only because she prides herself on her professionalism in her field of business; she swats back Pom’s attempts to win her heart, but she once agreed to go on a date with him.

Ray Silverman[edit]

  • First Appearance: When Ront Met Mewn – That Wacky Darn High school Experience

Mewn’s arch-rival, or at least that’s what he thinks because Ray doesn’t even knows Mewn considers him a rival and he sees Mewn as a good old friend. He went to the same school as Ront, Mewn and Mavis in Carmen, where he was Mavis’ boyfriend; He is a very successful politician, following his father’s footsteps; currently, he is the mayor of the city the boarding house is located in. Mewn’s dislike of Ray has its roots in several things, like the fact that he is more successful and has more achievements, but the main reason is that he has always been a rival for Mavis’ love; in the end, Mavis chose to stay with Mewn.


  • First Appearance: The Return of Pete – Monkey Amok

First seen as Ront’s professor in business school, Orwell would later become Pom’s teacher in his university, supporting him to finish his studies; when the staff went into a strike, the university let go of him, much to Pom’s chagrin. By now, Orwell had lost his ear, claiming he lost it by frostbite. Orwell started living in the boarding house, and even though he didn’t feel exactly welcome in the beginning he quickly became friends with almost everyone...except Boe. The fact that Orwell was getting closer to Mileena bothered him, but when he protected her from Pete, Orwell revealed his real identity: he is actually an undercover FBI agent assigned to protect Mileena. He unfortunately lost his other ear while fighting Pete, but Mileena paid him the surgery to have both of them repaired as a departing gift. After they relocated him he lost contact with everyone, until one day Mileena saw him on the street. Mileena asked him one more favor: she asked him to guard her stocks at Mayers for her. He accepted, but when Mileena returned to ask them back she didn’t found him. No one has seen him ever since. Orwell seems to be good at about everything he does, makes good friends with everyone, teaches business, is in good form, smart and knows a little of about everything. Boe’s opinion of him as an “overachiever” might not be too off the mark, but it’s only because his FBI training. He genuinely seems to be interested in Mileena, but she doesn’t feels the same. He recently disappeared without a trace after talking to Mileena.

Dr. Derek Day[edit]

  • First Appearance: PC’s Day Out (Keenspot mini-series event)

As the original creator of the sentient virus that infected PC, Dr. Day feels responsible for his creation and does everything in his power to stop him. He has a serious allergy that makes his life more difficult, but since an attack by PC in Day Laboratories, his condition got worse, so now he can’t go anywhere without a special ventilating mask he made for himself; he loathes having to use the mask all the time. After PC’s attack, he decided to help those at the boarding house to retrieve Flink from PC’s clutches; they went to Siliconopolis and Day faced PC alone. Day managed to almost completely destroy PC’s AI program, but had to flee when PC activated the self-destruct button. Day had been previously associated with Mayers, but when he found out how he had been using him, he severed all ties with him and turned against him. He moved in to the boarding house to help Mileena’s divorce as her lawyer, but has been so far unsuccessful with this. As Dr. Day works all the time with machines, he appreciates very much those he considers friends, as they are the only social interaction he has.


  • First Appearance: The Return of Pete – Monkey Amok

Booey is a monkey considered to be Flink’s pet, even though it’s completely out of anyone’s control. He shows aggressive behaviour to virtually anyone, and behaves in an unexpected fashion. He was once owned by shiners, but was stuck in the trunk of the car Flink bought for 6 months, enough to make the monkey a walking menace. Every person that has encountered this monkey has suffered in one way or another, especially PC; he is currently roaming free in the underwater PC-Drome.


Funny Farm has had some crossovers with other popular webcomics. As of around late 2003, four of them have taken place:

  • Close Encounters of the Newshounds Kind.-[9] August 12 to August 20, 1999. Funny Farm's first crossover, it featured KPET's news team Wolfram, Kevin, Ferris and Renata from Newshounds covering the supposed sighting of an UFO near the boarding house.
  • College Prospecting.-[10] July 2 to July 8, 2000. A crossover with Maritza Campos' College Roomies from Hell!!!, Pom bombs his aptitude test on the college he originally planned for, so instead he, Ront and Mewn go to another college. All hell breaks loose because April and Margaret, who are in charge of Pom's college tour, are dressed in skimpy outfits and Marsha offers Ront and Mewn some weird drinks...
  • Occupied.-[11] August 12 to September 6, 2001. Crossover with The Class Menagerie. Gulius may get a promotion to the Human Resources department if he can convince Ridley he's the right man for the job; he must hire temporary summer interns, and if he can do it right, he can keep his position. He gets some students...but forgets to ask for business students, so instead he gets Tony, Scott, Brad, Lisa and Cindy.
  • Evil Minds Unite.-[12] July 27 to August 30, 2003. General Protection Fault crossover. Trudy Trueheart comes into contact with Mayers with a proposal: she can make the UGA to stop their watchful eye on PC if Mayers can get her out of the country. In the end, the plan fails because UGA intervenes, and Trudy attempts to betray Mayers and PC by stealing PC's submarine. Tor the Calculator alerts the UGA to her, though, and the submarine is destroyed in the process. Mayers and PC leave Trudy to take the blame, though in the end she manages to escape, and PC is unable to return ot the base.


  • Smith, R. (2006) Funny Farm vol. 1, South Dakota: Keenspot Entertainment. ISBN 1-932775-41-2

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