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Fuh is a relatively new furry from outer suburbia, Brisbane, Australia. She likes music, live shows, musicals, singing and the "open minded". It has been widely reported in a joking manner that Fuh is homeless. In September 2009 this rumour was proven to be false yet still persists among certain groups. Fuh attends university where she will remain for the greater part of the rest of her life. Her fursona is a white and brown house cat.

Fuh's position in the community[edit]

Fuh was introduced to the fandom by Espfox and Hattie. Fuh attends the weekly Brisbane Coffee Night as well as many other furmeets in the Brisbane area. She made a brief appearance at RivFur 2009 and attended all parts of RivFur 2010.


Fuh is depicted as a short-haired housecat, relatively small in size. She has brown eyes and caramel markings against white fur. When drawn clothed, she tends to wear at least one red item.

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