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Frozen, drawn by herself.

Frozen (also known as Frozenbullies, born August 18, 1996) is a furry who lives in Maryland, U.S.A.[1] She is a member of The Furst State and a furry artist.


Her fursona (by the same name) is a white bull terrier dog with turquoise, blue and black markings, along with a current count of 13 piercings. Both human and furry Frozen always wears dog tags with the initials "BT" engraved on them, which stands for Bull Terrier.

Frozen has a style that has been described as 'color punk' (throwing most any bright color onto a base of black). She has a love of cargo pants and teeshirts with tanks on top. Frozen also wears her own endless menagerie of accessories, from striped arm warmers to her anklet, crooked collar and tail bow.


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