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Frontier is a free to read furry themed science fiction novel created by Fur Affinity user maggot-mosh-pit.


Frontier takes place in the year 2357 C.E and follows the adventures of anthropomorphic wolverine, Leph and the crew of his space ship The Frontier as they transport colonists from their home planet of Atriea to the idealistic world of Eden. With his headstrong first officer Serleah, chief engineer and the only human on board, Zach, former pirate and talented engineer Feldoh, and Leph's love interest and pilot Leena, Leph encounters plenty of trouble in the vastness of space.

The events of Frontier take place ten years or so after a large intergalactic war between the humans and Atrieans, which ended in a shaky peace treaty and a large amount of animosity between the two races. While constantly feeling the ramifications of this war despite captioning a civilian vessel, along with other threats such as pirates, cultists and drug dealers, Leph discovers he has strange powers of premonition that are both very useful, and very painful. The overarching story line of Frontier revolves round these powers, and their origins.

Other Works in the Frontier Universe[edit]

A prequel of Frontier, titled ''In the Shadow of the Valley'' now exists, taking place 1000 years before the events of Frontier. A sequel is in the works, simply titled: Frontier II. Short stories that take place in the Frontier universe also exist.


An audiobook adaptation of Frontier exists on Youtube. It is over eleven hours long and features a cast of volunteers.


  • Frontier contains many pop culture references, most notably from Star Trek, Star Wars and the children's book series Redwall.
  • Although Atrieans appear to be anthropomorphic versions of earth animals (Aside from their internal structure), it is never explained how this came to be, as both races evolved individually on their respective planets. This is lampshaded in multiple places in the novel.

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