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Frontal was a live late-night show produced by Initial Productions and aired on the 4Later programming block, covering all aspects of counter-culture and subjects generally not appropriate for daytime TV. The show was broadcasted live from Channel 4's headquarters, with a pilot episode in 1999 and five weekly episodes from August to September 2000.

On September 1st 2000, Chi'Ki was interviewed by hosts Lisa Rogers and Natasha Bell about the furries, sharing his experiences in furry lifestyle and therianthropy. Several questions revolved around his belief that he was a tiger in a previous life and how his beliefs impacted his relationships with friends and family. Also shown were wedding photos with his partner Louvé, which took place in Philadelphia during Anthrocon, and demonstrating a tiger hand puppet. The interview ended with Natasha Bell offering viewers to talk to Chi'Ki on their hotline or search for either or online to learn more.[1]

Although some were opposed to the interview taking place, furry lifestylers responded to it positively and praised how Chi'Ki remained composed during the questions. Considering Frontal as a whole, one furry even remarked that the interview was the tamest segment in the show.[2]

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