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Frodo is a series of short stories based around a young gay Dalmatian pup, written by Foxy Paws in 2012 and published on his Fur Affinity and SoFurry pages.

Theme Concept[edit]

The Frodo series is a collection of short stories based around the yiffing adventures of a young gay Dalmatian pup, his various masters, and the ferals and furries that he meets. They were inspired by, and dedicated to, Fido815, and feature a small cast of other characters.


  • Rex: Richard rescues Rex from the dog pound and, although the Dalmatian pup senses the alpha-male status of his new owner, Richard finds that his new pet needs strong discipline and a firm hand. Nevertheless, the pair bond and an inflatable sheep provides some relief after Rex's little accident. The start of a long friendship? This was FoxyPaws' first attempt at furry fiction, and he admits it turned out that Rex was too feral, hence the subsequent creation of his character Frodo.
  • Frodo 1: Malcolm: Frodo's camping trip with his master is put at risk when the Dalmatian pup is first caught fapping and then steals some cookies during corner-time, but Malcolm switches from spanking to public humiliation as a punishment and the two of them finally make it to the woods. Frodo is offered an interesting snack and does his best to please his master, but a forfeit still leads to further discipline.
  • Frodo 2: Ros: Frodo promotes furry awareness at a local women's coffee afternoon, and it was lucky that his master washed him squeaky-clean before-hand given what he is expected to endure. The Dalmatian pup catches the attention of one lady in particular, who is more than happy to help him earn a pink strand for his plug.
  • Frodo 3: Julia: Frodo's services are called on again, but this time for a young girl named Julia who's never had a boyfriend. Can the nervous Dalmatian pup be encouraged to help educate her? Master and pet provide a short lesson on anatomy, Frodo learns what it feels like to be pleasured by a lady, and Julia tries her hand at spanking. Finally, the three of them set off to the woods where - watching Frodo and Malcolm play - Julia finally gets what it's all about.
  • Frodo 4: Harvey 1: Malcolm is worried about his pet's lack of discipline and takes him to see a sexual psychologist whose specific interest lies with the relationship between humans and animals. Frodo is subject to a series of tests - one involving a furry tomcat - both indoors and outside in the university grounds. The Dalmatian pup's prowess causes some confusion, especially when his fapping is measured, but the really unexplained results happen during the vaulting-horse spanking session.
  • Frodo 5: Rupert: Frodo is left overnight in the care of Rupert. The young lad enforces some discipline, as instructed by the Dalmatian's regular owner, but Rupert is more interested in having fun with the dog such as indulging the pup's paper fetish by making him beg for fragments of newspaper. However, the allotment shed holds other surprises including chains, plastic sheeting, Mr Crop and a cucumber. At least Frodo doesn't get to feel lonely, because Rupert has another pet: a Great Dane. Feral.
  • Frodo 6: Roger: Rupert and his lover Roger take Frodo for a trip to the woods, where the two gay lads and a tree-stump with anchor point provide the Dalmatian pup with a lively start to the evening. After a spit-roast, Rupert quenches the thirst of his pet and then Roger has a play with the tree-tied pup. Frodo remains obedient and is quick to help Roger when the lad needs to relieve himself but the toilets are locked. Back home later that night, however, the pup's paper fetish once more lands him in the kind of trouble that only a sound spanking can really address. The question is, will Rupert and Roger trust leaving Frodo alone for the rest of the night?
  • Frodo 7: Diesel: Roger brings Diesel to meet Frodo, allowing the doberman to explore his preferences for being sub or dom. Rupert and Roger direct the dog-pup union, starting with the essential holes, and Rupert's feral Great Dane makes a return appearance to greet the young Dalmatian again. A wet episode leads to a punishment that clearly reveals Diesel's status, and finally Rupert and Roger ensure both furries are mutually serviced before bedtime.
  • Frodo 8: Harvey II: Frodo returns to see Harvey for a follow-up review, and once again is used for the education and enlightenment of the university lecturer's students. Harvey walks his class through the importance of nudity, examination, discipline, hierarchy, self-control, stamina and sexual prowess. He also discusses and explores the Dalmatian pup's newspaper fetish where, even restrained, the pup finds it hard to behave and so suffers the consequence. What will be Harvey's final opinion of the pup?

Principal Characters[edit]

  • Alfred - A feral Great Dane, owned by Rupert.
  • Frodo - A gay Dalmatian pup, inspired by Fido815. Owned by Malcolm and then adopted by Rupert. Frodo is the eponymous hero of the story series.
  • Roger - FiancĂ© of Rupert.
  • Rupert - FiancĂ© of Roger and owner of Alfred. Rupert adopts Frodo from Malcolm.

Secondary Characters[edit]

  • Becky - One of Harvey's students, a straight girl who fancies Frodo.
  • Diesel - A Doberman, introduced to Rupert and Frodo by Roger.
  • Harvey - An expert and university lecturer on human/animal sexuality.
  • Hillary - The lady who runs a women's coffee afternoon attended by Frodo.
  • Julia - A young lady whom Frodo enlightens.
  • Laura - A female assistant to Harvey.
  • Malcolm - The original master of Frodo, until the Dalmatian is adopted by Rupert.
  • Paul - One of Harvey's students, a gay lad who fancies Frodo.
  • Rex - A Dalmatian, the forerunner to Frodo. He appears only in the pilot story "Rex".
  • Ros - A young lady who attends Hilary's coffee afternoon. She is deeply attracted to Frodo.
  • Victor - A feral Irish wolfhound, called upon by Harvey when studying Frodo.