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Fritzy and Circa. Art by Grant the GM.

Fritzy Wolf (born April 25, 1988[1]) is a gay male furry who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is one of the chairmen[2] and the organizational owner of Furvana.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Fritzy's history with the furry fandom dates back to approximately September 2004, when Fritzy discovered his first furry forum and took interest. However his interest in animalism and anthropomorphics dates back much further. For some years before discovering the furry fandom, Fritzy took interest in Chocobos and fancied himself a character as one.

Fritzy's became involved with LAFF around November 2004, joining the mailing list and attending his first furry convention, Midwest FurFest 2004. Fritzy also met Circa Fox, then a Michigan fur, shortly after MFF that November. The two have been together ever since, running fursuit studio HopHazard Studios (for which Fritzy handles administration); they married on March 21, 2015.[3]

Fritzy was a member of RainFurrest staff, responsible for the Artists Alley.[4]


Fritzy fursona is Fritzy S. Wolf, a male gray wolf of approximately the same age as him. His most identifying mark is the three dark gray alternating stripes on his muzzle. He also has a white chin, chest fur, and tail tip, a dark gray right foot paw, light gray left foot paw, and diamond markings on his forearms and back. Also dark gray cheek and shoulder patches, brown eyes, and dark head fur. While evolving slightly since its original creation in 2004, it has always maintained the species and three alternating muzzle stripes.

Fritzkrieg is Fritzy's superhero alter-ego, who harnesses the power of lightning. His arch-nemesis is Ransom, who uses fire.


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