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FreyFox, also known as KeenyFox (real name Mark Alexander Smith; born November 10th, 1987), is a British cartoonist, illustrator, animator and musician from Dundee in Scotland.[1] His character is a red fox.

Frey is the artist behind the webcomic Transmission, which features his twin red squirrel characters, Russell and Reggie Harvey, a pair of English car enthusiasts who live and work in Los Angeles.[2] It went online on February 4th, 2011 and is typically updated once to twice a week. At present, it's updated every Friday and on every other Monday (once every 2 weeks). FreyFox also co-writes and illustrates the Kat-Venture graphic novel series.[3][4] From 2009 to 2015, he was also a creative advisor for The Space Gypsy Adventures, working as the lead artist for the series.[5]

FreyFox has a degree in computer arts and a diploma in computer animation. Previously playing guitar or bass in several rock bands, he now works on his own as a multi-instrumentalist under the pseudonyms "KFox" and more recently "Subliminal Fuzz". Along with Ras-B he conceived two furry various artist compilation albums, Wildfire and Tsunami.

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