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This page is about the activist group, not the Minnesota Anthropomorphic Arts Society (also known as the Frozen Furs)

The Freezing Furs were a (now defunct) group that was founded by Jurann Foxtail in response to the Burned Furs.

Their self-stated purposes were:

  • To put a stop to the Burned Fur line of thinking by starting a large support group
  • To open a "real avenue of healing and image improvement" for the furry fandom

They believed that the Burned Furs were a hate group who were seeking to rally support for a cleansing of the furry fandom by discounting and removing elements which the Freezing Furs believed had been part of it since the beginning.

They used very forceful language, for example claiming that Burned Furs wished to "put a bullet in the head of every zoophile, plushophile, lifestyler, anyone who is openly of an alternate sexuality, or anyone who doesn't think their views are the wholesome truth."

This led to many disputes and arguments between supporters of the Burned Furs, Freezing Furs and people who were non-aligned or whom had no interest in the factional infighting.

Many of these disputes occurred on Usenet in the newsgroups and

The group was launched in Spring 1999, and became inactive by the end of the year.


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