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Freeborn is a werewolf movie in pre-production by Anthony Brownrigg with Timothy Albee of Timothy Albee Animation hired on as co-producer. Cory Turner of ReQuest Entertainment is an associate producer (after having initially pitched a werewolf movie idea to Brownrigg), and Anthony Brownrigg's wife Maegan Allen Brownrigg and Ed Landers as co-writers.


It is intended to start up where most werewolf movies end, with one of its taglines, "So you're a werewolf... now what?" describing the general outlook of the film.

Freeborn differs from the vast majority of other werewolf movies in that werewolves, in the movie, while secretive and xenophobic to the point of willing to kill without hesitation to protect their own existence, aren't evil or predatory upon innocents.

Rather than being a straight horror film, Freeborn is planned to be part of the suspense genre. Instead of focusing on killing or gore, it will focus on the drama produced by the situation of werewolves who are neither good nor evil trying to survive undetected among humans. Instead of being forced to kill, the werewolves can choose whether or not to kill, based on their own personality and decisions. The transformation special effects are also intended to be different than the usual, with werewolves presented as graceful and beautiful instead of ugly. Unlike standard werewolves that stop transforming when still displaying combined human and lupine anatomy, the Freeborn werewolves will be capable of transforming all the way to actual wolves, when they want to. To help design the transitional forms, Timothy Albee, the creator of Kaze: Ghost Warrior, was hired as part of the special effects team.

Film history[edit]

Freeborn was originally planned as a $50,000 direct to video horror movie named Devoured. After seeking fan input, the director realized that werewolf fans were unsatisfied with most werewolf movies, and wanted to see something much different than the usual. A message board was set up, and the script was rewritten to more closely conform with what the fan base wanted. Freeborn was also changed to a planned $6 million theatrical release.

The movie was on hiatus pending Anthony Brownrigg's completion of a more commercially viable venture, Red Victoria, which Brownrigg considers to be his "proving grounds" before he can put Freeborn together. A trailer for Freeborn is available for download from the official website and shown at furry conventions; however, the project seems to be moving forward, though his website as of 26 March 2006 lists the project's status as "Seeking Backing."

A lot of ideas of how werewolves have been worked into the script based on input from a modest fanbase, called "The Pack" at "The Pack" message boards that Brownrigg credits with having helped Freeborn take shape.

A limited casting call started on February 2, 2006. Anthony Brownrigg announced he himself will play the part of Jack on March 11, 2006.

All development of the film was shelved sometime in 2006, and there has been no news of any progress made since...

Jan. 2012...the film as resurfaced still in the hands of Anthony Brownrigg and Magil Booth. It is said, they will be looking for public funding via IndieGoGo, starting this Feb to start production on the revised script.

May 2012 Due to fan involvement and funding campaigns The producers embark on the production of the first freeborn 'prequel' short. Tasha's Decision, which highlights one of the main characters early in their lives. (before the main movie). The shorts are being utilized to test various effects, and work out bugs on a new development they're planning with the full film called MDK (movie development kit). More at the main website.

August 15th. Tasha's Decision the first short connected to freeborn was released on the main website and youtube.

September 15th. Production has started on the second prequel short "Donna's Big Night" this one will be utilized to begin makeup and transformation tests.


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