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FredericHusky is a fursuiter who lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.[1]


Fredric's fursona is a husky scholar, complete with top hat and monocle. He spends his time is chasing balls, pulling sleds, and all sort of other things.

Frederic's fursuit, depicting his fursona, was constructed by Interrobang.[2]


Frederic got in contact with the furry fandom when he volunteered for consec at Furnal Equinox 2016. As of June, 2016, he is on staff for Furnal Equinox, What The Fur, and CanFURence.


Since 2010, Frederic has studied history at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He quickly realized that work in history is a lot more "Professor Jones" than "Indiana Jones".

When Frederic doesn't have his nose in books, he is a kitchen canine for the Pawprints events for Canfurence as well as a fishmonger. As food plays a part in everyone's life, Frederic has made it a passion; he specializes in food archaeology (the history of food). He also works as a cook for the Canadian Armed Forces.


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