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Freder (originally named U.M.) is a character from the comic Paupers Grave in 2005. According to the strip, he is half fennec and half human, being that his mother is a human while his father is a fox. Due to this difference, he is often humorously discriminated against.

Freder can usually be seen wearing an eye patch and large green jacket, much like his creator. In Paupers Grave, Freder hangs out with two crudely drawn stick figures named Jim and John; it is explained that the only reason he hangs out with them is because nobody else would. The fact that Freder wears an eye patch has no relation to the fact that a character from three previous comics wore one on the same eye, but is because while drawing the design sheet, Atticus Pamer spilled ink on his right eye, and drew it into an eyepatch because "it looked funny".[citation needed]

Freder went though three name changes in thee years; being called U.M. in 2005, Fredr in 2006 and finally Freder in 2007.

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